It’s time to give our flowers to the brave Black women, men, and families who decided to pick up and move abroad.

Everyone’s story is different as Black people are not a monolith. Some people have chosen to pick up and leave for a career change. Others are choosing a better work-life balance or are simply exhausted by the racism in America.

We’re paying homage to those who decided to take the leap and inspired us all to live abroad with the gems and wisdom.

It’s time to vote for the Black expat of the year! Read more about the finalists below:

Rukiya McNair Moved Family To Tanzania

A family trip to Tanzania changed Rukiya McNair’s life forever.  The laid-back atmosphere, nature, and food are just some things that made her and her family feel right at home.

The single mom loved Tanzania so much at the time that she decided to leave her home in Pittsburgh to move to the East African country with her two children.

McNair is now living in Ghana, but she’s an inspiration to us all that being an expat isn’t just for singles but families as well.

Kamar Gore Is Living In Puerto Rico With No Regrets


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Kamar Gore fell in love with Puerto Rico when he first stepped foot on the island.

He left the mainland U.S. for Puerto Rico and says he doesn’t regret his decision as life in Puerto Rico has been less stressful, especially as a Black man.

“I don’t want to paint the picture that there’s no racism, but it’s not blatant. I didn’t realize I had PTSD when it came to the police until I was pulled over for the first time here,” he previously told Travel Noire. “In the states, I had to ‘follow the rules.’ Keep your hands on the steering wheel, and don’t make sudden moves. When the police want your license and registration, you ask to get them because they might shoot if they think you’re reaching for a weapon. Here in Puerto Rico, I don’t have those same fears.”

So many aspiring expats share Gore’s similar sentiments.  He’s nominated because his story has been not only an inspiration to all but also the fact that he reminds us that you don’t have to go far to be happy.

Zach Who Has Lived In The Tropic of Costa Rica For 6+ Years


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Zach’s first trip out of the country to Trinidad and Tobago back in 2015 was a life-changing experience.

The Texas native who currently resides in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, said in an interview with us that the trip changed his perspective on life and planted the seed for eventually moving abroad.

But life got harder for him in the states. Relationships failed, he lost money and realized he was materialistic.

He detached and detoxed for nine months. During this time, he had a vision that shook him to the core of him living in the tropics.

Zach is the founder of Wao/wow; an acronym for the slogan “We Are Organic”.

“I see it as the lifestyle of expats nowadays and cultural movement to a better, more organic environment,” he said.

In addition to his wellness brand, Zach also has a relocation company helping people to move abroad.

Jane Jaquin Left Paris To Live Along The Indian Ocean


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Jane Jaquin worked in Paris for luxury ready-to-wear houses for years before heading back home to live in her home islands of Mayotte and Reunion along the Indian Ocean.

She now resides in Zanzibar, Tanzania where she opens up about her move abroad and beauty tips.

Amber C. Edwards Is An Expert For Relocating

Amber C. Edwards is an expert on relocating. She specifically provides strategy, support, and community for Black women who want to experience life outside of the U.S. for whatever timeframe, including one month,  year, or permanently.

The Texas native is now developing a small apartment community in Antigua and Mexico.

Time To Vote

We love all of our Black expats. It’s not easy to pick up and move abroad but these five people have been the most inspiring for our readers.

It’s time to vote for the Black Expat of the Year! Voting ends June 13!