TikToker Shares What It Means To Travel With 4th Worst Passport In The World
Photo Credit: Nappy.co

Photo Credit: Nappy.co

TikToker Shares What It Means To Travel With 4th Worst Passport In The World

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Dec 20, 2022

When deciding to backpack Europe, one TikToker decided that he would document what it is like to travel with the 4th worst passport in the world. The TikToker, Hamza, who runs @unwelcometraveler, shared a series of videos detailing his experiences. Hamza, traveling with a Pakistani passport, had several more travel restrictions to think about. This included border control and visas which other travelers he met didn’t have to consider.

Rather than using the video to bash travelers with ‘strong’ passports, the video seems to be created to highlight just how different his travel experience is. Read on to find out what it is like traveling with 4th worst passport in the world in Europe.

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The video series on TikTok highlights the challenges that people in Hamza’s situation have to go through, the lack of ability to ‘wing it’, even the need to buy “refundable tickets” which costs more because there is a chance your application could be denied. One commenter mentioned that it sheds light on the ‘massive hassle’ many travelers from certain parts of the world never have to think about. They said that it shows how people take their stronger “passports for granted”.

Hamza explains some of the processes needed to ensure entry such as submitting an itinerary, often with receipts. It highlighted the reality of passport privilege that is often unspoken about among travel content creators.

“I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad for having a better passport… but it’s pretty interesting to see the things I would have to go through that maybe you guys wouldn’t have to think about,” said Hamza.

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