Man Plans Romantic Valentine's Day Vacay Then Finds Out His Girlfriend Is Cheating
Photo Credit: RODNAE via Pexels

Photo Credit: RODNAE via Pexels

Man Plans Romantic Valentine's Day Vacay Then Finds Out His Girlfriend Is Cheating

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Feb 15, 2022

Have you ever thought your significant other was cheating on you but had no evidence to prove it? One guy found this out the hard way after planning a romantic getaway to celebrate Valentine’s Day

A 24-year-old male took to Reddit to detail his story. He had been dating his girlfriend for a year and a half and was excited to romance her to euphoria this year. He took every effort to plan out the perfect spree by locking them in a room at a nice hotel and even booked them a couples massage where they could relax and enjoy each other’s company. 

Unfortunately, the romantic mister’s plans were ruined after he began to suspect his girlfriend was cheating about a week or so before their trip. 

“I’ve had a hunch she’s been cheating or at the very least not telling me about certain things for a while now,” he wrote. “I could just never prove it. But something felt off this weekend.”

Although he had no proof of foul play, he’d noticed some changes in his lady’s behavior that caused him to worry. Every night when she’d fall asleep with her glasses on and cell phone in hand, he would remove them for her, placing her phone on the charger while she rested. However, the most recent time this happened, he felt moved to check into her phone to see if his cheating suspicions held any weight. 

“I found nudes of her with another guy, talking sexually and talking as if they’ve already had sex,” he shared.

You know what they say, if you seek you shall find, and find he did. Upon further investigation, he also discovered some risque text messages between her and the guy, solidifying that she’d been cheating all along. 

Photo Credit: RODNAE via Pexels

His girlfriend denied all allegations, insisting that the texts were sent before they started dating and that a friend of hers contacted him through her iCloud account. 

“What followed was the classic tactic of flipping it all back on me,” wrote the anonymous poster. “She said the pic was from when we weren’t together(we were, but just on bad terms) and that her friend must’ve used her iCloud account to text this guy. I saw through that immediately.”

Her lies piled up like a mountain but he knew she had already been intimate with the mystery man. Before their trip, he’d already emotionally checked out from the relationship. However, their argument bubbled over when she slapped him the face for calling her “crazy.”

“She’s never put her hands on me before that. She left, I packed my stuff and checked out the hotel early,” the Redditer wrote. “The next day I got confirmation from the guy that they did sleep together. I showed her the screenshot of that and she STILL denied everything.”

Although he is happy the relationship is over, the heartbroken Reddit user does miss the companionship his cheating lover provided before things went left.

“I still can’t even really process it all,” he said. “I don’t miss her but I miss the companionship. I miss the her that I thought I was with but that person is dead.”

We hope it wasn’t too late for him to get his money back for the hotel stay and massage appointment. 

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