We looked into why solo travelers choose Brazil year in and year out. By far it is a top destination for Travel Noire readers, this we know. There is something in the air that has convinced many travelers in search of culture to wander the country alone.

It’s important to note that after the over-sensationalized media coverage which focuses on the violence in Brazil, many don’t consider it a safe country. For ages, group travel to Brazil let alone solo travel was not the most recommended because of the crime. It seems that many solo travelers are sharing their experiences of their Brazilian trips on social media. Much like countries such as Jamaica, Mexico and Colombia, many are debunking the idea that Brazil is not for solo trekkers. In this article, we share what seems to make Brazil an exciting solo option in South America. Looking at safety, myths and adventures, this is why solo travelers choose Brazil.

Brazil is huge

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Brazil is so much more than Rio de Janeiro. There are several parts to this huge South American country and solo traveler are tapping into that. Whether interested n the cooler temperatures in the south, the bustling supercity scene in Sao Paulo or the ease of Bahia, there is something for everyone. 

With this variety comes the acknowledgement that crime levels vary depending on the state, city etc. This is what is feeling a lot of the excitement about Brazil. Solo travellers are expanding the narrative of what a ‘Brazilian solo trip’ could look like beyond the beautiful beaches of Rio. 

Opting for women drivers via Uber Brazil

Solo women travelers have mentioned how the Uber Brazil initiative to select a woman driver offered more security. Brazil has a very strong Feminist community and in general, the security and safety of women appears to be tackled through initiatives such as these. 

Subway cars for women during rush hour

train ride

On the topic of transportation, there is the option to use subway cars solely for women. Solo women travellers found this to be a huge relief when arriving in Rio. The city is chaotic and this is one way to gently offer security. 

Learning to adjust, quickly

It has to be said, there is a level of street smart that goes into any solo trip. Brazil is no different. Adjusting simple behaviours like not wearing flashy jewlery (gold seemed to be a regular theme) or not carrying your phone in your hand unnecessarily. 

Other adjustments that constantly featured included not using ride shares as there is more risk involved in being in a car with strangers and another tip was to trust your gut instinct, always. 

Brazilians are known for having an open and welcoming energy

solo travelers choose Brazil
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You’re in Brazil! Which is another way of saying that you’re about to encounter some of the most friendly and warm individuals in Latin America and the larger world. Brazilians have a reputation for being genuinely welcoming, travellers always note how Brazilians treat you like friends from the jump. This is what keeps Brazil at top of the list for travellers worldwide. 

Being around the diaspora

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Brazil has the largest population of Africans outside of the continent of Africa. This offers Black travelers a chance to connect with the diaspora in a culture far, but distinctly similar to their own. There is nothing better than arriving in a new country solo and realising how at home you are.

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