Sydney, Australia is a melting pot of culture. The city offers amusement for any traveler that visits.

Check out this list we’ve curated of the things you should do there:

Check out Homebase Sundaze

This once per month Sunday Funday party is a must do. All of the Black and brown people of Sydney hit up this day party. It provides all the jams reminiscent of a college party. The great thing about this party is that people actually get up and dance. There’s no wall hugging going on here. Food and drinks are available as well. Did we mention it’s only a $10 AUD cover?

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor


Catch some sun at Bondi Beach

When you hear about Australia, you also hear about Bondi. This is Sydney’s most iconic beach, although it is not the only one. Bondi comes complete with blue waters with perfect waves, soft sand, and scenic backdrops. You can take a walk from Bondi to Coogee Beach to catch even more views. You have to get a photo of the famous Bondi Icebergs, which are a set of infinity pools that look over into the ocean. Be sure to check out the murals along the main strip of the beach too. It’s an easy bus and subway ride to get to the beach from Sydney’s city center.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor


Check out the murals in Newtown

Newtown is an area in Sydney that gives super boho, hippie, artsy vibes. There are several murals all around the area, grab a map to find them all. While there, you can grab lunch at one of the many vegan spots or even do a little shopping at the vintage stores in the area.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor


Flick it up in front of the Sydney Opera House

One of the selling points of visiting Sydney is seeing the amazing Opera House. The Sydney Opera House sits along the harbor and is one of the most visited landmarks while in Sydney. If you want to avoid the other tourists, you can grab your shot while taking one of the many ferry rides that are offered in the area.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor


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Get a view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Another iconic landmark in Sydney is the Harbor bridge. It is located right next to the Opera house, so you can see both at the same time. If you are really brave, you can do a tour to climb to the top of the bridge for one of the best views around. Either way, you can’t leave Sydney without seeing it.

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Try Kangaroo or Emu meat

If you are vegan or vegetarian, look away. However, if you are up for trying new foods, then trying kangaroo or emu meat is a must-do while you’re in Australia. There are several places to try the meats, from upscale establishments like The Wine and Meat Co., or smaller places that serve the meat as burgers or even on pizza.

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Take a trip to see the Great Barrier Reef

If you give yourself enough time, you should make a trip to see the Great Barrier Reef. One of the most popular routes is through Cairns (pronounced “cans”). It is a 3-hour flight from Sydney and many low-cost carriers offer flight service daily. Once in Cairns, you can use several tour companies to take the 2-hour boat ride out to parts of the reef. If you are super brave like me, you’ll opt for the dive. It’s so worth it.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor