If you’re trying to be on a plane heading to somewhere that feels like Summer love, then this guide on the best destinations for Black travelers in July is for you. We know how the Travel Noire community dream of passport stamps and pretty sceneries, so we kept the July destinations dreamy. July is, after all, the month of bathing in sun, laying in the grass and staying up late and full of energy. Adding a vacation to the mix is a must.

Looking at a combination of high/low season cities, seasonal events and, of course, the reality of traveling while Black, we’ve scouted out these best destinations. July is about to be nothing short of magical…

1. Mykonos, Greece

Credit: Johnny Africa

It has to be said, Greece is a hotspot for a reason. Black travelers enjoy visiting the country all year round. Even still we couldn’t recommend Mykonos in July enough. With long, delicious daylight hours, it is the perfect place to enjoy your romantic Summer nights in Europe. And the romance really can be felt in Mykonos. The whitewashed walls of Mykonos is perfect place to relax into one of Europe’s most beautiful islands. With hot days and balmy evenings, it is the ideal European island escape. 

2. Montego Bay, Jamaica

Credit: Brighton Pereira

There is something special about cooling off in the river and ending the long summer days with a sorrel drink in hand and blissful smile on face. Jamaica has a way about making everything seem vibrant and yet so usefully irie. This July the best place to be is Montego Bay, particularly with Jamaica’s Reggae Sumfest making a reappearance after two years. This is also a great time to enjoy the low season, meaning more space to enjoy crystal clear sea and empty beaches. 

3. Cardigan, Wales


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Certainly less than a tropical location, Cardigan in Wales is still a fantastic, laidback location for
Black travelers looking to take it easy. Taking a vacation to the west of Wales means observing what might be the most glorious coastline in the UK. Cardigan is a countryside that, at its core, invites you to escape. Black travelers looking for a change in environment, a tonne of sustainable, organic food options, purifying air and an abundance of trees and rivers, will truly appreciate Cardigan. 

4. Cartagena, Colombia

Unsplash | @Jorge Gardner

It is very rare that Black Travelers skip out on the chance to visit Cartagena, Colombia. Teeming with Black culture and tradition, it is a must-visit. In July, the rainfall is considered to be minimal and the lazy Caribbean vibe extremely real. Black travelers looking for a vacation with fun and all-night dancing guaranteed can count on Cartagena. 

5. San Salvador, El Salvador


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We can’t get enough of seeing El Salvador on our feeds, it seems that the Black travel community is really feeling this Central American location. A destination filled with opportunity to eat good, reconnect with your inner-child and revel at insanely pretty architecture is what awaits. El Salvador in July is ideal for travelers looking to avoid crowds and who aren’t put off by rain. Adventure truly awaits! 

6. Seychelles

Praslin, Seychelles |
35007 | Getty Images

Who wouldn’t happily take a trip to Seychelles at any given point in the year? In July some of the most sought after island vacation spots get even more attractive. Sit on world-class beaches and soak up the sun or visit some of the many uninhabited islands turned nature reserves; whatever you do you’ll be surrounded by endless beauty. East Africa in general is a perfect place to explore in July and Seychelles is the African island getaway that your Summer deserves.