Looking for the best handheld entertainment for your next overseas trip? From apps to calm anxiety to building cities from scratch, here are some fun additions to download before boarding your flight.

Touchnote (iOS and Android)

Touchnote is a great option for that long-haul return flight. If you’re not one to send physical postcards from your vacations, you can create customized postcards using your own photos to send to family and friends.

Triposo (iOS)

Last-minute planning is a reality for all of us. But it’s never too late, even while on board, you can still plan activities for your trip.  Triposo claims to help you find things to do across 50,000 destinations and 3 million points of interest. You can spend hours sifting through all of the content that includes a mix of facts and options from other travelers.

Calm (iOS and Android)

If flying is not your thing or you have a hard time sleeping on airplanes, Calm is an app that offers more than 100 guided meditations to help you manage anxiety, lower stress, and sleep better. With hours of calming mediations and soothing sounds, flying could be the most relaxing part of your vacation.

Mr. Square (iOS and Android)

Sometimes you just need a mindless, addictive game to get you through. Mr. Square should do the trick. The app offers a series of puzzles with over 190 levels to keep you busy on even the longest flights.

SimCity BuiltIt (iOS and Android)

Nothing wrong with a classic. “Be the hero of your very own city!” with SimCity BuildIt on your phone. It really is a timeless game and one that makes hours feel like minutes. Get lost in the task of building your own city complete with infrastructure, planning, laws, and much more.

Tayasui Sketches (iOS and Android)

For those needing a creative outlet during that long-haul flight, download Tayasui Sketches for hours of realistic digital drawing, painting, and collage tools. You can create digital artwork and illustrations with the “sensation of drawing on paper.”

Netflix (iOS and Android)

This option may be a no-brainer, but really, when it comes to hours of digital entertainment, Netflix takes the crown. There’s nothing more relaxing than watching your favorite movies and shows while sipping wine from a plastic cup.