Just when we thought COVID made life miserable enough, monkeypox appeared on the international stage. Unfortunately, in times of crisis, there are always those who try to pull a fast one on unsuspecting people.

CBC News reported that the Canadian province of Saskatchewan is at the center of a monkeypox phone scam. Here’s what to know.

What Do The Scammers Say?

According to The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), scammers call people and tell them they “are close contacts to someone with monkeypox.”

CBC News reported, “the scammers then might ask the person on the other end of the line to press a number.”

Via Twitter, SHA urged people to hang up instead.

Have There Been Monkeypox Cases In Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan reported two cases of monkeypox last summer.

But the SHA reported recently, “there are currently no known cases of monkeypox in the province. There have been no new cases of confirmed monkeypox this month in Saskatchewan, according to the federal government’s website.”

No reported monkeypox case in Canada has resulted in death, although that can happen in extreme cases of the virus.

The Chief Medical Health Officer Issued Warnings

Towards the end of last summer, the chief medical health officer of Saskatchewan “warned the public about an elevated risk of contracting monkeypox through anonymous sexual contact.”

Sex isn’t the only way, however. The Washington Post notes “it can also spread through soiled clothing, bedding, objects or other surfaces.”

Monkeypox Has Some Impact On Travel

In the summer, the World Health Organization declared monkeypox a health emergency.

According to The Washington Post, “as of August 4, 26,000 monkeypox cases were reported around the globe.”

Some people traveling expressed concern, especially since it can be contracted easily.

In September, the first US death owing to monkeypox was reported in Los Angeles County.