If you’re no stranger to the Dominican Republic you know Punta Cana has some of the best resorts and beaches in the world. But if you’re getting ready to make that trip for the first time, here’s a list of the best restaurants to go to in Punta Cana to make sure your time in the sun is with a nice full belly.

1. Citrus Restaurant


Citrus Restaurant is located on Avenida Alemania in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The menu has a variety of dishes that include Caribbean, Italian, and Asian cuisines. Make sure to enjoy their seafood and dominican style meals such as  ceviche, tartar dishes, sushi, lobster, chillo a la boca chica, pasta, and burgers.

2. La Palapa by Eden Roc


La Palapa by Eden Roc is known for its exquisite location. At Eden Roc you can enjoy the views of the turquoise sea and feel the sea breeze. The dishes are also outstanding as the menu includes fresh and quality meats, seafood, and other local dishes. 

3. La Yola


Located at Punta Cana Resort & Club Marina La Yola is the perfect place if you want to have some peace of mind while you dine. This restaurant is designed with bamboo and wood sticks to look like the inside of a fishing boat. The menu includes Mediterranean and local cuisines.

4. Wacamole


Wacamole is the ideal place for an active night on the town. The atmosphere is so lively and festive as they play live music every Wednesday and Thursday. The menu mainly includes Mexican dishes, but also has local eats and seafood dishes.

5. Noah


Located in Plaza Paseo in San Juan, Noah is also another vibe, known for how they plate their meals. The menu includes Caribbean, Latin fusions and local dishes.

6. Playa Blanca


Playa Blanca is the perfect place for groups and events. You can feel the sea breeze and enjoy beach views while you dine in. The menu includes seafood, grilled meats, burgers and other local dishes. Playa Blanca is located at The Westin Punta Cana Resort & Club.

7. Jellyfish Restaurant


Mainly ideal for weddings and special events the Jellyfish Restaurant doesn’t disappoint when it comes to their seafood. Make sure to try the lobster!

8. Herman 311 Bar & Restaurant


Herman 311 Bar & Restaurant is known among travelers and tourists for their cheesy garlic lobster. Don’t forget to try it a long with one of their amazingly tasty signature cocktails. 

9. Living Room Bar


If you’re looking for a casual hangout with bites then the Living Room Bar is the perfect place for you. The live music and cocktails will go along great with some Dominican classic dishes.

10. Nakamura


Nakamura specializes in world-class Nikkei food. This is regarded as one of the best dinner places in Punta Cana. The menu includes a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian food. The famous dish is the filet mignon with rice.