You’ve made up your mind; you finally decided to take that leap of faith and you’re putting everyone on notice that you’re moving to Thailand. For years you followed the influencers, watched the YouTube videos, and even read a few expat articles on Travel Noire. However just as you’re about to get those plane tickets it dawns on you, “How am I going to make money!?” Most likely, you’re going to need a job.

Here’s some insight on the best jobs available for Black expats moving to Thailand.

Teaching & Tutoring English

Photo Credit: Katerina Holmes

One of the most sought-after jobs you can acquire as an expat from the United States or any English speaking country is teaching English to Thai children. You have a few options:

  • Enroll in a teaching abroad program within your city
  • Acquire your Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification also known as TEFL
  • Search craigslist and Facebook groups for teaching and tutoring gigs and positions in your city of choice
  • Network with expats in Thailand and see if there’s open positions at their schools

It’s recommended to bring all of your important original documents with you to Thailand not just for authorities but also for potential job interviews for teaching positions. They will ask for an original birth certificate and degrees if you have any. Also, don’t be intimidated by employers who request Bachelors degrees and transcripts, there are plenty of teaching & tutoring jobs available that only require you to be a fluent english speaker.

Work For A Multinational Company In Thailand

Photo Credit: Yan Krukov

A considerable amount of start ups, tech companies, and corporations from Asia and the Eastern Hemisphere are moving their bases and headquarters to Thailand. You can find careers based on your preferences on websites such as LinkedIn or contact hiring managers directly with a solid compelling resume and cover letter explaining your experience and stating why you would make a good fit for their organization.

Work Remotely For An Online Business

Photo Credit: Jep Gambardella

Especially since the pandemic, there are a number of American jobs online where you can work remotely. The advantages of collecting an American paycheck versus a Thai one are too far to count. Even if you only make $30,000 annually working customer service from home that’s still comfortable enough to live in Thailand with a family of 3.

Start A Thailand Based Business

Photo Credit: RODNAE Productions

There’s plenty of resources in Thailand to start a business of your own. Entrepreneurship is encouraged in Thailand in order to create more jobs and opportunities for its people. Also, starting a business of your own in Thailand gives you the room to execute without the financial strain of living in the United States since the cost of living is very low.

The most important thing to remember when searching for a job in Thailand is to be up to date with Thailand’s laws and make sure you acquire the correct permits and visas to live and work in the country.