The Best Destinations For Black Travelers In March
Photo Credit: Spencer Selover

Photo Credit: Spencer Selover

The Best Destinations For Black Travelers In March

Barbados , Guatemala , Malta , Nicaragua , Philippines , the gambia
Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Feb 24, 2022

It’s time to start preparing for those spring trips, so of course our list of the best destinations for Black travelers in March has come just in time. With spring around the corner, it is certainly time to start thinking about and planning your spring getaways. Here are the top destinations from around the world to consider for your March travels this year.


What more could you ask from a Central American country like Nicaragua? With access to mountains, volcanoes, historic towns, unmissable forests, and beaches rippled with waves for surfers and sun-seekers alike, it is a favorite travel destination for all types of travelers.

Nicaragua is a good destination for Black travelers hoping to enjoy a lesser-explored country in Central America. With an abundance of nature adventures to keep you going during this trip, the real appeal of Nicaragua during March is exploring the heart of the country, or even hiking Mombacho Volcano. This is considered the country’s dry season, (between February and April) so it is ideal for long days out getting lost in the nation’s abundant wonders.


Gambia is a year-round favorite for travelers hoping to relax on the golden beaches and learn Wolof, fully immersed in the country’s rich history. March gives an added dose of laid-back glamour in this strip of coast and inland glory.

If the swaying palm trees weren’t enough, this African country, engulfed by Senegal, will truly charm you with its casually beautiful lagoons. Visiting in March means that you’ll be able to enjoy the full benefits of the country’s hottest weather and the chillest vibes if you make it to the fishing villages.


Escaping the cold and dipping into the warm waters of Barbados seems like a good plan to us. Barbados is known for tropical beaches, flying fish, awesome surfing opportunities, and having officially become an independent island in 2021. It is an exciting time to visit the island, so booking for March will allow you to experience this first-hand. With hurricane season being months away, you have nothing to worry about on the weather front. Simply take in the joy of the perfectly pristine beach, sea, and island energy.


This March, the emerald rice fields and blue crystal waters of the Philippines are calling your name. The Philippines is the perfect place for island hopping in the country’s springtime. March is also considered one of the cheapest months to travel, and a great time to visit the country for Black travelers looking for a tropical adventure in Asia. There is also a growing Black expat community in the country.


Visiting Guatemala in March is idyllic, we have officially decided. The lushness of the land after the rainy season makes it the perfect place to visit for Black travelers obsessed with the biodiversity that encapsulates the country.

Central America is full of ruins, jungles, forests, beaches, and islands. What Guatemala additionally has to offer is affordability to explore active volcanoes one day and indulge in the natural beauty of the lakes the next. Visiting in March is the best time to make the most of the magical abundance that Guatemala has to offer.


An archipelago that packs a lot, Malta is not to be skipped from your travel list this March. Malta is a must-see destination for Black travelers hoping to indulge in this European nation’s iconic landscape. It is a country most-known for it’s Mediterranean vibe and cute cobbled streets.

Visiting in March means avoiding the peak season and catching the country’s quieter, historic energy for yourself. Keep your March free for this wondrous and quaint country. Added points if you make the most of the ancient ruins, the blue lagoon, and the gorgeous coast all in one trip.

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