The 10 Best Things To See In The Netherlands This Spring
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

The 10 Best Things To See In The Netherlands This Spring

The Netherlands
Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Apr 26, 2022

The Netherlands is a beautiful country year round, however it is a true wonder to see during the Springtime. From rolling sand dunes and museums filled with the finest, classical art collections to miles and miles of blossoming, colorful tulips lining the countryside, the Netherlands is a favorite travel destination for travelers every Spring season.

If you’re headed to the country this spring, be sure to check out this list of 10 things to see this Spring to ensure you don’t miss one second of beauty in this incredible European country.

1. Boat Down a Canal


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Just like Venice, Amsterdam is known for its legendary canals connecting neighborhoods. A major part of the city’s landscape, Amsterdam’s canal system is intricate and vast and provides an incredible backdrop for photo opportunities for those visiting the city. 

Many museums and tourist attractions line the canal, and it’s a favorite destination for travelers looking to experience true Dutch culture. One of the most popular canal-filled neighborhoods is Jordaan, an area built by house workers and immigrants during the 1600s. The canal streets are lined by small homes with hidden water courtyards throughout the interlocking maze. 

Take a boat taxi or tour down the canals for the perfect Dutch experience.

2. Explore the Gardens at Keukenhof


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You can’t talk about the Netherlands without mentioning tulips. The most popular flower in the country, the Netherlands is home to millions of beautiful tulips blossoming all over the country.

The tulips reach their peak bloom in April and May, so Spring is the best season to go Dutch if you’re looking to see the flowers in their full majesty. 

There’s no better place in the Netherlands to see the tulips than Keukenhof. A 45-minute drive from Amsterdam, Keukenhof has tulips and a variety of other flowers growing in abundance. Known as the “Garden of Europe”, Keukenhof is the largest public garden in Europe and has more than 70 acres of land showcasing 700 types of tulips. There are also thousands of crocuses, hyacinths, and daffodils.

3. Visit the Van Gogh Museum


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Attracting over 1.5 million visitors every year, the Van Gogh Museum is a true sight worth seeing on a visit to the Netherlands this Spring. It is the number two art museum in the world and is home to the largest collection of the late artist’s works with 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and 700 hundred letters.

Recently, the museum launched the “Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience”, an interactive, high-tech opportunity for visitors to delve into the life of the artist. There are also multiple works from his contemporaries featured in the museum as well.

4. Go See A Windmill

Windmills can be seen throughout the Netherlands, but the most impressive display is in the village of Kinderdijk. These preserved 18th-century windmills were originally used to drain the fenlands and were built between 1722 and 1761. 

Kinderdijk is the largest surviving concentration of windmills in the Netherlands, and the 92-foot sails are open to the public from April to October each year. If you’re in the Netherlands and looking to see a piece of Dutch history, the 19 windmills in Kinddijk are definitely worth the visit.

5. De Hoge Veluwe National Park

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, De Hoge Veluwe National Park is exactly where you want to be while visiting the Netherlands this Spring. Not only is the park a beautiful backdrop for photos and selfies, but the park is also the largest continuous nature reserve in the country. 

Wild red roe deer can be found roaming throughout the park, and there’s a sculpture park beyond the woodlands to the north. A fascinating feature in the park is an area full of sand dunes, showcasing the diverse terrain of this national park. Visitors also enjoy birdwatching and observing the peaceful wildlife dwelling amongst the trees.

6. Visit a Castle


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You can experience a blast from the past by visiting Geul Valley and checking out the country’s only hilltop castle atop Castle Rock. The historic Valkenburg castle is a popular holiday resort for people visiting Geul Valley to enjoy the town’s spas and plentiful caves. 

Some other impressive castles in the Netherlands include Muiderslot, De Haar, and Radboud.

7. Tan on a Dutch Beach


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Because the Netherlands is a coastal country, it has a plethora of beaches along the coast for tourists and locals to enjoy. From parasailing and fishing to tanning out in the sun, many visitors flock to the Netherlands each year just for its white sand and shining seas.

One of the most popular beach resorts in the Netherlands is Scheveningen. The beach attracts thousands of visitors every year and even has a sculpture museum and pleasure pier for guests to indulge in. A few other popular beaches to check out  are Zandvoort aan Zee, Ameland, and Domburg.

8. Experience Mudflat Walking


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You can get properly acquainted with the Dutch landscape and terrain by taking a mud walking tour in the Netherlands this Spring. Called ‘wadlopen’ in Dutch, mud walking is adventurous and thrilling as walkers dredge through thick layers of mud under the sea. During low tide when the shallows dry, walkers trek across the bottom of the sea through muddy sandbanks, gullies, and trenches. 

Mudwalking tours last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours and can be pretty messy as the mud can get thigh high. However, if you are an outdoor adventurer, mud walking is a phenomenal opportunity to engage with nature’s raw essence right in the Netherlands.

9. Bike Through Enkhuizen


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Everyone in the Netherlands love riding bicycles, so when you’re in town, grab a bike, and take a ride through the historic, ancient town of Enkhuizen.

This town has a history dating back centuries and once was one of the most prosperous cities in the Netherlands. Now, Enkhuizen is filled with historic villas, churches, city walls, and harbors. 

Enkhuizen’s harbors make for the perfect place for water sports during the warmer months. Visitors also come here to take in the ancient sights of the city, including the city’s defense tower, the Westerkerk, and the Zuiderzeemuseum.

10. Check out a Dutch Island

If the mainland isn’t keeping you entertained, take some time to get away to one of the many Dutch islands along the coast of the Netherlands.

One of the most popular islands is Texel and you can get there easily and for cheap on the ferry. The island can get a bit windy, however the beaches are lovely during the Springtime. 

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