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These Are The Best Destinations For Black Travelers In September 2022

It’s September and everyone is reminiscing over the last of the summer days. If you’re feeling...

Amara Amaryah Sep 1, 2022
Trevor Noah Teams Up With Duolingo To Teach South Africa's Popular Languages

South African comedian Trevor Noah has teamed up with the free language app giant Duolingo to...

Parker Diakite Sep 6, 2021
Meet The Akashinga: The All-Female Army Protecting Zimbabwe's Wildlife

Some may say a job like this is too dangerous for a woman, but the name explains it all....

DeAnna Taylor Aug 26, 2020
5 Waterfalls Around The World That Are Worth The Hike

Some of the most beautiful waterfalls are also the most difficult to get to, but with a little...

Leah Freeman-Haskin Aug 15, 2019

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