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Inside Saudi Arabia’s New Futuristic City

For a while, Saudi Arabia has been constructing and promoting a new futuristic city that defies...

Dominique Jackson Nov 2, 2022
9 Of The Tallest Mosques Around The World

Mosques are some of the most stunning architectural beauties in the world. Houses of worship for...

Jasmine Osby Feb 16, 2022
United Arab Emirates Relaxes Islamic Laws On Alcohol &amp; Cohabitation

The United Arab Emirates announced sweeping legislation that would overhaul the country’s Islamic...

Mitti Hicks Nov 12, 2020
Woman Stranded On Christmas After Emirates Loses Essential Wheelchair Parts

A passenger who was left stranded in Singapore after part of her wheelchair was lost while flying...

Mitti Hicks Dec 27, 2019
5 Reasons to Visit the UAE

1. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi Breathtaking, beautiful, awe-inspiring. Those are but a few...

Cynthia Andrew Mar 4, 2014