There’s a new pop-up bar in Sydney, Australia that will allow you to bare it all while eating and drinking.

Sydney’s Stitch Bar will offer people the chance to dine, for one-night-only, completely naked.

The event titled, “Bottoms Up Sydney,” is a collaboration between Stich Bar and the Young Nudists of Australia.  

“It’s an opportunity for less-inhibited Sydneysiders to enjoy a Sunday session, a few beers and a feed with your friends, minus all your clothes,” organizers said.

Tickets are running for $30 per person, which includes one drink to help guests unwind.

“We’ve seen it happen in France and in the UK and across America and even in Melbourne, so we thought, ‘Why not Sydney?’” Matt, an organizer from YNA told

And if you’re wondering about the logistics, including where people will put their things and if this is actually sanitary, the YNA has it all figured out.

“People who buy a ticket will be advised to wear footwear and to bring a towel with them to sit on,” Matt added. “When they arrive, they’ll be given a lanyard which will have a plastic pouch on it and they can put their cash and cards in there.”

Once guests are all checked-in, they’ll head to change room where they can undress and head to the bar for the strictly enforced non-sexual event.

“We’re all human beings so everyone looks but don’t stare,” Matt told “Basically, don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do if you had your gear on.”

The rules from the invite say, “anybody found to be behaving inappropriately will be removed from the room, required to dress and ejected from the venue with no possibility of a refund.”

It’s also important to note that all staff members working on the event date will remain clothed for operational, health, safety and hygiene reasons.