Best Places To Stay In Mexico City, Mexico
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Photo Credit: TN

Best Places To Stay In Mexico City, Mexico

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Travel Noire Feb 1, 2019

Mexico City is one of the most famous cities in the world. Known for being home to some of the world’s major attractions, a trip to Mexico City means you’re destined to find the most suitable and comfortable place to stay. Figuring out the best area is one of the most important things you need to do before you even begin your trip. So, we’ve found some of the popular areas most tourists are flocking to book their accommodations.

The historic center of Mexico City

If you schedule to stay in Mexico for a short time, then this should be the perfect place for you. The proximity of important attractions will make it easy for you to see as much as you can. Additionally, you will have the best opportunity to taste a wide variety of local food. There are also good hotels here that provide excellent quality services. Some of the attractions sites that you can easily access even by foot while in Mexico City include, Zocolo, the metropolitan cathedral, the Latin America building plus many more.

Roma and La Condesa

These are two neighborhoods that are a few steps away from each other hence they are quite similar. Mostly associated with youth or people who want to experience Mexico’s nightlife, these neighborhoods are near Álvaro Obregon which is the major attraction here. Alvaro Obregon is a big street full of restaurants that come to life in the night. You are most likely to find all sorts of Mexican food here as well.


If you are more interested in art and prefer a freer and calm area, then Coyoacán is the right place for you to stay. Located a few kilometers away from the heart of Mexico City, this neighborhood is just magnificent. From museums to local markets and restaurants, you can enjoy the relaxed ambiance while still experiencing the best Mexico has to offer. This is the type of place you would want to stay if you plan on extending your visit. Coyoacán is close to some of the major attraction sites in Mexico, but the surrounding is more peaceful compared to the attraction center. Some of the most famous artists in Mexico come from this place.


This is a more luxurious place full of posh restaurants, shops, and markets. It’s the perfect place for rich people who want the best of everything not minding the cost. Some of the popular tourist’s attractions here include Moseo Soumaya which has a free gallery, the performing arts hall at Teatro, one of Latin Americas largest aquarium and the museum of modern art.

Your visit to Mexico will be one of your most memorable trips. Mexicans have a rich history and culture that reflects even in their lives today. The friendliness of the locals also makes it easy to learn a lot concerning this fantastic city. Another good thing about Mexico City is that you will always find the right hotel in the right location.

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