Spend A Year on a Cruise Traveling the World for $30,000
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Life at Sea Cruises

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Life at Sea Cruises

Spend A Year on a Cruise Traveling the World for $30,000

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Mar 7, 2023

Many professionals have ditched the office to work remotely, and everyone’s experience is completely different. In-person meetings are a thing of the past, and most people have moved to a different city or country for a better quality of life. The pandemic, among other things, taught people to spend more time doing the things that make them happy. For many, traveling the world is that thing. Miray Cruises has created the Life at Sea Cruise experience, which provides cruise enthusiasts with an opportunity to experience the world and spend a year living on a ship.

Photo credit: Life a Sea Cruises

What is Life At Sea Cruises?

The Life At Sea Cruises concept was developed by Miray Cruises. With over 27 years in the business, the company created tons of on-the-water experiences.

Since 1996 they’ve operated their cruise vessel, MV Gemini, around the Aegean Sea. The Amor, which is another ship, provides dinner and entertainment. The Astoria Grand is another ship that belongs to the company, and it has some of the best stays of any cruise ship on the market.

The company takes pride in recruiting and developing the best professionals in the hospitality industry. The organization has a deep passion for traveling the world, which is reflected in the experiences they provide.

Spend $30,000 And Live On A Cruise Ship for a Year?

The Life At Sea packages start at $30,000 per person for one year at sea. During the year, each passenger will visit 375 ports in 135 countries across seven continents. Each passenger will have to sign a three-year contract, similar to a lease.

Balcony suites are double the size of the lower package cabins and are valued at close to $110,000 per person. Single travelers can get a 15% discount on the double occupancy rate with a downpayment of $45,000.

A year is a long time to be at sea, so each passenger is able to split up their cruise stays with another person or family through the company’s matchmaking process. If you are feeling homesick after a few months, this service allows you to schedule for another person to take your place at one of the upcoming stops.

Amenities & Activities on the Cruise

Photo Credit: Life At Sea Cruises

Besides the rooms being already furnished, your new home on the sea will have everything you need to live comfortably. There are several dining options, a gym and a salon. The ship also will have a business center, a wellness facility, a sundeck, a swimming pool and an auditorium for entertainment.

Dinner with alcohol and other beverages, laundry services and housekeeping services are included in each passenger’s stay.

Photo Credit: Life at Sea Cruises

Destinations and Events

Some of the highlights of the destinations within your this tour is the South American experience. The ship’s residents will experience Christmas in Brazil and New Year’s in Argentina. They will also have the opportunity to travel from island to island in the Caribbean and ride up the west coast into Hawaii.

The experience includes 12 stops in Asia. There will be stops in Japan, South Korea and China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali and Bangkok.

Passengers also will visit Australia and New Zealand and some of the beautiful African countries.

Traveling Alone

If you decide to hop on the ship and experience the world alone, then there is nothing to worry about. There will be plenty of activities for singles to enjoy while seeing the world. Mixers and dance classes will allow people to mix and mingle on the ship and create a social life. 

Learn more about Life At Sea Cruises on their website lifeatseacruises.com

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