A federal judge has ordered Southwest Airlines to rehire Charlene Carter, who was terminated for being pro-life. 

Fired For Posting On Facebook

In early 2017, Carter shared posts on social media expressing her concerns over the misuse of union dues. She sent an email to her union president supporting a national Right to Work bill and then was called into a meeting with the company to discuss “Facebook posts they had seen.”

According to the Christian Post, “Southwest deemed her social media posts highlighting her Pro-Life beliefs as a form of harassment.” Then “A week after Carter’s meeting with superiors, the company terminated her.”

A jury in a case against Southwest eventually awarded Carter $5.1 million. However, she still wanted to go back to the job she loved.

“I want to go back, hold my head up high and say, ‘You can’t do this anymore,’” Carter told the Epoch Times. “I’d like to see us bring back what the original Southwest was, or at least some form of that.”

Judge Rules In Her Favor

Photo Credit: Maria Oswalt

The federal judge in the case, Judge Brantley Starr was in support of Carter and getting her reinstated, “Bags fly free with Southwest. But free speech didn’t fly at all with Southwest in this case.”

Carter suffered from depression for many years after aborting a child. Since then she has been on a quest to defend Life after gaining forgiveness at a service in 2007. She wants to continue to inspire Christians to stand up for what they believe in.