Get entertained by Southwest Airlines with their new free in-flight entertainment.


That’s right, we said free. But we know what you’re thinking: Southwest doesn’t have screens on the back of their seats or overhead screens like on Greyhound buses so don’t put your headphones away just yet. Passengers will watch movies using their smartphones, laptops, tablets and other Wi-Fi enabled devices.


Joining the likes of American, JetBlue, and Delta with their free live TV entertainment, Southwest’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ryan Green, is hoping this new feature will help boost customer morale. “Our research shows that a positive experience onboard the aircraft can greatly influence the decision to come back to Southwest,” Green said in a statement. “We listened to our customers and are enhancing our already award-winning experience.”


Not only is the airline getting rid of their $5 entertainment fee, but they also let go of the $2 in-flight messaging charge in September, stepping up their game with in-flight entertainment. Delta and American have offered free in-flight movies on seatback screens or passengers’ personal device since 2016.


The movie selection has something for all passengers. Some movies include Oceans 8, Breaking In, A Bad Mom’s Christmas and for the kids, Early Man.