For the first time, the Saudi Kingdom will open its country up to mass tourism thanks to the launch of a new tourist visa program.

In an effort to appeal to tourists, Saudi Arabia is now allowing unmarried couples to share rooms while visiting the country.

Prior to this decision, couples had to prove they were legally married before being allowed to share a room.

Although the rules have been lifted for international visitors, nationals of Saudi Arabia still have to be married before being allowed to stay in the same room.

According to CNN, “The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage has recently approved the new regulations of tourism accommodations.”

Also for the first time, women traveling alone to Saudi Arabia will be allowed to book hotel rooms. The new visa rules state that solo women travelers will still have to dress modestly at all times.

In the past, international women travelers had to be accompanied by a man in public if they were under 45 years old.

The new laws by Saudi Arabia are being implemented with hopes of bringing in 100 million tourists annually, both international and domestic, by 2030.

The country also has a goal of tourism being a contributor of 10% of GDP.

Currently, the Arab Kingdom is spending billions to build new resorts and theme parks to make it more tourist-friendly.