London is synonymous with fish and chips, chicken Tikka and Sunday roasts, but did you know that there are also a great number of Black-owned bakeries in this exciting city?

Over many years, people from the Motherland and the Caribbean emigrated to London, opened their businesses, and contributed to the vibe of the city. According to Jami, “Forget Greggs or Wenzel’s: African and Caribbean bakeries have been the pillars of London’s Black British community for decades.”

They not only serve up sweet goods, but savory products like beef patties with delicious fillings. Some of these Black-owned businesses serve meals popular in the Caribbean, particularly Jamaica and St. Lucia.

Grab your British pounds and peruse these Black-owned bakeries.

1. Uncle John's Bakery

This shop in Tottenham is touted as the best Ghanaian bakery in the UK, but you can decide for yourself.

It’s been featured in Time Out London and The Guardian. Enjoy cakes, pies, breads and cookies lovingly crafted by hand.

You can find some of their products at  Morrisons and Tesco, local supermarkets.

2. Sweet Bambi Cakes

This Black-woman owned business specializes in bespoke cakes for special occasions. Additionally, it offers balloon styling and event planning services.

From children’s birthday parties to funeral receptions, this place covers it all.

Check out their lovely arrangements on Instagram.

3. Treats Club

This Black and woman-owned business offers hot donuts, ice cream and hot chocolate. The founder is Lungi Mhlanga.

Treats has earned the praise of Eater London, Mob Kitchen and Forbes.

They’ll be opening a permanent shop in late 2022, but in the meantime, you can find them at Roof East, a lively rooftop spot in the Stratford shopping center.

4. Rainbow Bakery

This is the only St. Lucian bakery in all of the UK.

In addition to baked goods, you can get roast bake and saltfish, Dal Puri and callaloo and saltfish.

It’s just a stone’s throw away from the Dalston Junction railway station.

5. Lincoln’s Patisserie

Check out this family-owned Caribbean shop that has been based in the Edmonton area of London for 30 years.

It’s your one- stop- shop for authentic Jamaican patties, delicious soups and a line of sweets including rum cake, chocolate cake and Victoria sponge cake.

There are many other cakes as well, which are listed on their site.

6. Agege Bakery

This a proudly Nigerian business and is the first of its kind in London.

The owner, Stephen Ayantuga, wanted to allow customers across the diaspora to experience “a taste of home.”

Treat yourself to delicious baked breads, chicken, fish and meat pies and Chin-Chin, a crunchy-sweet snack served in Nigerian and across the Motherland.

7. The Small Slice

If you want beautiful cookies, brownies and cakes, The Small Slice ships throughout London.

Founder Harleigh Reid started out by writing a blog about her “weekly baking successes and failures,” before graduating to an actual business in 2017.

You can place an order via her website or email.