Solo trips and girls trips are considered a favorite among Black women. However, the biggest factor in locking down a destination is, whether a place is safe.

To help you live your best travel life, while staying safe, we’ve curated a list of some destinations for Black women to plan a trip to this year.

1. Canada

There’s so much you can see in Canada, since every city has something different to offer. From the vibrant city of Toronto, known for its Caribbean culture to Montreal’s French influence and delicious cuisine. Black female travelers rate Canada as one of the safest and welcoming places they’ve traveled to. 

Pro Tip: Try to visit Montreal during the annual Montreal Jazz Festival.

2. Japan

Now you might be asked to take a couple of photos with the locals, but that’s just admiration. Japan, especially Tokyo, is known for its love for Black culture. Nightclubs, fashion, and music are all inspired by Black culture, making the city a safe and enjoyable place to discover.

3. Iceland

Iceland’s capital Reykjavík is known for being a very friendly city, with easy accessibility to get around. However, if you happen to get lost or need some suggestions, the locals speak English and are eager to tell you some of their favorites.

4. France

Whether you pick the shopping city of the world, Paris,  or the vineyards and wineries in Bordeaux— as a Black woman you will enjoy yourself to the fullest. France is considered one of the safest places in the world for solo women travelers, especially Black women. Their slow pace lifestyle and luxurious vibe make a trip to France feel like a dream.

5. Thailand

Everyone’s favorite hot spot, Thailand is home to affordable vacationing. The stunning beaches, food, nightlife, and temples make every day adventurous. The natives of the island are also warm and kind, especially to women.

6. Tanzania

While most places in Africa have their arms wide open for Black travelers to come and visit safely, Tanzania provides an experience unlike any other. Attractions like Mount Kilimanjaro, wildlife safaris in the town of Serengeti, and the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar contribute to a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

7. U.S. Virgin Islands

The laid-back Caribbean lifestyle makes for a welcoming vacation spot for Black women. Enjoy a vacation of luxury and relaxation, while you enjoy the beautiful beaches of the islands. Pro Tip: Tap in with the locals for their food recommendations, they won’t steer you wrong.

8. Portugal

The European foodie city, Portugal is one of the safest destinations for Black women. Leave your worries at home and bring your appetite, as the only thing on your mind is going to be food.

9. Ireland

Ireland is full of culture and the locals love to share it with anyone who would listen. The country is known for its craft beers, greenery, and hospitality. 

10. Cuba

The land of the undiscovered. Cuba is a perfect place for Black women to go out and explore the unknown. The art, drinks, nightlife, and overall feeling of the island will make you want to keep coming back.