If there’s one thing Royal Caribbean is going to do, it’s keep the cruise game on lock.

As Travel Noire initially reported back in March 2022, the Wonder of the Seas enjoyed its maiden voyage from Florida, and made history. At nearly 1200 feet long and with a capacity to hold more than 7000 passengers, Royal Caribbean now holds the distinction of having the largest cruise ship in the world in its impressive fleet.

According to the company, Wonder of the Seas is part of the Oasis class of cruise ships, and its offerings are just as bombastic as initially promised in the press release. No expense was spared; everything from pools to indoor slides (both dry and wet) is available. There is no shortage of restaurants, either — sushi, Italian, buffet, and even a Southern comfort food-themed restaurant (known as The Mason Jar) will keep your hunger at bay.

The ship was initially set to sail from China back in 2021, but the COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on that affair.

Nevertheless, the sailings have proven more successful than ever before, and the company is prepared to go full throttle with promoting and marketing its offerings. Though the maiden voyage set sail back in March 2022, the naming ceremony took place on December 9, 2022, and the company offered travel agents and other members of the travel trades (including airline partners, booking partners, and ancillary members of the hospitality industry) a chance to experience the affair firsthand.

Royal Caribbean Naming Ceremony: A TikTok Search for a Godmother

It’s a time-honored maritime tradition to name a Godmother of a cruise ship. In ancient Roman times, a priestess would “bless” a ship with sacrificial blood — but today, Godmothers christen the ship with champagne (which is probably for the best).

A Godmother is a civilian (typically, a woman) who sponsors new ships. Traditionally, Godmothers have either been royalty (Diana, Princess of Wales, christened several British cruise ships during her reign) or celebrities (Mariah Carey was the Godmother of the Disney Fantasy cruise ship, and Oprah was the Godmother of Holland America’s Nieuw Statendam).

Royal Caribbean, however, took a more modern approach to find the Godmother of the Wonder of the Seas. The company launched an extensive TikTok search to find what they called a “Wonder Mom,” where more than 16,000 daughters submitted their mothers for a chance of a lifetime.

After an extensive search, Marie McCrea of Philadelphia — a widow, mom, and cancer survivor from Philadelphia, PA — was chosen for the honor. You can check out the video from the christening above.

Naming ceremony aside, Royal Caribbean spared no expense when it came to impressing with the Wonder of the Seas. But here are the top 5 things I would recommend.

Daredevil's Peak

Daredevil’s Peak is the tallest water slide in North America, boasting an impressive 135 feet high.

There are other slides available at the Thrill Waterpark (six in total, ranging from the chill and easy to the fast and furious), but they’re anti-climactic in the wake of the Daredevil’s Peak.

I took a GoPro down the slide…and you can see the experience for yourself.

Perfect Day at CocoCay

@bernadettegiacomazzo Are you an #introvert on vacation? I feel you. @royalcaribbean has you covered with Chill Island on #perfectdaycococay #fyp #foryoupage #trendingvideo #trending #royalcaribbean #royalcaribbeancruise ♬ original sound – Bernadette Giacomazzo

Daredevil’s Peak aside, the Perfect Day at CocoCay offers everything from great Caribbean vibes on the Chill Island, to a water park just for the little ones, and even a hot-air balloon and ziplining that will take you all over the island!

Central Park

@bernadettegiacomazzo #latertok Central Park was, by far, my favorite part of #WonderoftheSeas#jazz music, #calm vibes, and good food. @royalcaribbean #royalcaribbean #fyp #foryoupage #centralpark #cruiselife #cruise ♬ Knowledge – Vin Music

Found on the 8th floor of the ship (which has 18  — count’em! — floors total), Central Park is meant to be a simulacrum of New York City’s most infamous park, but it’s a lot quieter, save for the soft jazz music and the ambient waterfalls.

Shows, Shows, and More Shows

@bernadettegiacomazzo #latertok Aerial performers from the #WonderoftheSeas naming ceremony (CC: @royalcaribbean #RoyalCaribbean #FYP #ForYouPage #traveltiktok #travelTok ♬ original sound – Bernadette Giacomazzo

Let Royal Caribbean entertain you with everything from comedy shows (it’s not Katt Williams’ World War III, but it’s enough to keep you amused) to aerial performers. They even have ice shows!

@bernadettegiacomazzo #LaterTok From the #royalcaribbean naming ceremony for #WonderofTheSeas #FYP #foryoupage #ForYou #Cruising ♬ original sound – Bernadette Giacomazzo

And keep your eye out on the ship for Caribbean-inspired flash performances that take place throughout the day.

Food, Glorious Food

@bernadettegiacomazzo yes, fellow #introverts , #cruises can be fun for us, too! you just gotta find your groove, recharge your batteries from time to time, and most of all, have fun! 🙏🏻 also, don’t forget to hydrate, eat healthy, exercise & meditate. 😎 CC: @royalcaribbean #royalcaribbean #fyp #foryoupage #vegan #veganfood #perfectdaycococay #cocokeywaterresort ♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

One thing’s for sure: you will never be hungry on a Royal Caribbean cruise. And they have all sorts of options for every dietary need. Whether you like Southern food at The Mason Jar, you have a hankering for Italian at Giovanni’s and Sorrento’s, or you just want a fresh salad buffet at the Windjammer, Royal Caribbean’s got you covered.

Before You Go: Your Royal Caribbean Packing List

Though there’s certainly no shortage of amenities available to Royal Caribbean guests, don’t go on your cruise empty-handed.

Make sure you have enough luggage…and that you can easily carry the luggage everywhere you go for easy onboarding and offboarding. (I purchased the Traveler’s Club Chicago 3-Piece Set in red, and it was more than enough for me.)

Swimsuits are a necessity, as are toiletries and other beauty supplies.

Most importantly, don’t forget to pack your passport! (And if you’re looking for a cute holder to tote your docs, I have the
LOHASLife Passport and Vaccine Card Holder, also in red)

How to Book the Wonder of the Seas

The Wonder of the Seas from Royal Caribbean is only departing out of Port Canaveral, Florida. A 7-night cruise starts at $761/person for an interior cabin and includes the Perfect Day at CocoCay. It also goes to both the eastern and the western Caribbean.


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