Rapper Rick Ross has been on a ‘live your best life’ crusade lately, and we couldn’t be more proud. From showing an immense amount of Black boy joy while introducing the world to his latest farm animals, to simply living life as only the ‘biggest boss’ should.

On Easter Sunday, he shared a series of videos with the caption, “Woke up Easter morning in Angola and chose to walk amongst the people the day of Resurrection. A day of hope.”

Rick Ross, real name William Roberts, was seen walking the local communities of Luanda— Angola’s capital. Walking through narrow walled neighborhoods, the rapper was greeted by locals standing outside in hopes of seeing the superstar.

He can be heard saying, ‘hello,’ back to many and shaking hands before stopping to speak with an older woman of the local village.

“Hello queen. Can I give you a hug,” he asks before embracing the woman? A translator is to his side, relaying his message, to which the woman obliges.

The rapper then calls his bodyguard over, after which he hands the woman a stack of money. He then proceeds to hand out the remaining stash to the women and children posted up as well.

In a second video, he can be seen going into the home of a local woman and her children. The smiles on their faces show that they are truly elated to have the star in their village. After hugging a few more of the residents, he then proceeds to hand out even more cash, gifting them with several hundred dollar bills.

“God bless you,” Rick Ross is heard saying. To which the woman then asks if she can cook for him. But the rapper has to run to his next stop.

A second post, simply captioned ‘Africa is beautiful,’ shares more videos and photos from the rapper’s visit. There is no word on the exact reason for the visit, but we are happy to see him blessing locals and interacting with them. It truly looked like a magical moment for all parties involved— including Rick Ross.