A new Portuguese digital nomad visa is due to launch very soon. Remote workers looking to settle down in the country for a year are in luck.

Those looking for a European country to enjoy while continuing to work remotely have long favored Portugal. Digital nomads who can work from anywhere – providing there is a strong enough WiFi connection – are in luck in Portugal. According to Time Out reports, the visa is designed for those intending to live in the country for up to 12 months.

Sound good? To be eligible for the new Digital nomad visa, remote workers must be employed by a foreign company and not come from a EU or EEA country. The Portuguese government hasn’t launched any further information just yet.

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The fine print:

Previously, many remote workers in Portugal have done so on a D7 visa. It has been popular with remote-capable workers because it allows many to work in the country considering you earn more than the minimum Portuguese wage. At the moment, that minimum wage is 822.50 euros or $804.40 monthly. You are also asked to commit to living in the country for the majority of the year.

The news released this week comes as many hope to escape harsh winters. According to Fortune, the visa aims to stimulate the economy, create jobs, and aid in recovery from a sustained lack of tourism during the pandemic.

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