Here Are 11 Items We're Taking To The Pool in Spring 2023
Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of @NappyStock.

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of @NappyStock.

Here Are 11 Items We're Taking To The Pool in Spring 2023

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Mar 22, 2023

Spring is officially here! The first day of the season for some people symbolizes that it is time to head to the pools. The timing is perfect for taking a dip in the pool. It is right before the summer crowd and the unbearable humidity.

When planning to spend much of the day in the water, the two things at the top of everyone’s list should be comfort and convenience. Families can curate the best trips to the pool by planning ahead and optimizing those two things.

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It’s been a while since people have experienced, especially for those living in cooler climates. Here are the pool day items everyone should have in preparation for the upcoming pool season.

Floating Devices

If there’s one crucial thing to bring to the pool, it’s a floating device. There’s something so relaxing about laying in the water and taking in the sun, while the waves transport you to a different place.

Whether you are looking for a float for two or one perfect for Instagram photos, there are plenty of options on the market.

Aqua Water Lounge

The Aqua Water Lounge is a luxury recliner designed with relaxation in mind. It has a headrest, backrest and cushioned footrest.

There are two carry holders on the side that can be used for your adult beverages, water or sunscreen.

Heart-Shaped Inflatable For Two

If you are looking to have a relaxing experience in the pool with bae, this heart-shaped inflatable is perfect. This pool lounger is designed with two people in mind.

It’s an inflatable lounger that is perfect for outdoor adventures at pools, beaches, lakes and rivers.

Aqua Leisure Pool Chair

This zero-gravity pool chair is another popular option. It’s designed as a comfortable lounging experience with armrests and leg bolsters that keep you cool on the water.

The pool chair is weightless and stress-free to pack.

Instagrammable Float

If you want to get a cute picture for social media, then the Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float is the way to go.

It’s large and is guaranteed to bring you attention at the pool. The float will allow you to sway comfortably in the pool for hours.

Beach Towels

Leave your towels for the shower at home. A beach towel makes your life at the pool easier.

Beach towels are incredibly soft against your skin, and it is made to cover your whole body. In addition to that, a beach towel can help you save your beach chairs while in the pool.

The hardest part about purchasing a beach towel is picking your desired design, and matching it to your bathing suit. Genovega’s variety pack is the perfect solution to this problem. It comes with four oversized beach towels, so you can mix and match when traveling.

Towel Clips

Keep the good towels off the ground and save your beach lounge chairs with towel clips.

Pool towel clips can be used to secure your chairs at beaches, decks, pools and cruises. They also be used to hang wet clothes after your day at the pool.

Dry Bag

When the good times end, you don’t have to give up your comfort. One of the most underrated items to bring to the pool is a bag to pack a dry change of clothes.

The dry bag by HEETA is the perfect option, and it comes with a free waterproof cell phone case.

Portable Drink Cups

Bringing glass cups to the pool is a safety hazard, especially if alcohol is involved.

Protect others, yourself and your loved ones with this silicone wine glass. It’s fun, durable, easy to pack and reusable.

Snack Containers

One of the most important aspects to a pool day is the snacks. In order to ensure that you have enough snacks to last throughout the day, you must have the right container.

This handheld food storage box is perfect for neatly organizing your snacks.


Melanin is a blessing, so it is important to be good to it. While at the pool soaking up all of that Vitamin D, remember to apply sunscreen to prevent skin damage.

Colorescience Total Protection is a great face shield because it goes beyond protecting your skin from UV rays. It also protects your skin against pollution.

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Pool Shoes

When it comes to the perfect pool shoe, it has to be comfortable, cute, quick-drying and slip-proof.

Joomra’s pillow slippers for both men and women are the perfect choice. It’s a top seller on Amazon, and there are multiple colors to choose from.

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