Inside Poço dos Negros: One Of Lisbon's Coolest Up And Coming Neighborhoods
Photo Credit: Marko Geber

Photo Credit: Marko Geber

Inside Poço dos Negros: One Of Lisbon's Coolest Up And Coming Neighborhoods

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Jul 9, 2021

Lisbon’s Poço dos Negros gained international attention after Lonely Planet called it one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world. Also known as O Triângulo of Poço dos Negros, there are a myriad of attractions including: theaters, burlesque shows, charming coffee shops and cozy book stores.

According to Lisboners, the area is distinguished by its absence of tourist crowds. It’s full of specialty stores such as Palavra de Viajante, a bookstore opened on Rua de São Bento in 2011, which is just one of the highlights.

Travel Noire has compiled this list of a few other places in Triângulo that you should visit when in Lisbon.

1. The Companhia Portugueza do Chá


Considered one of the best places in Lisbon for tea lovers, the Companhia Portugueza do Chá is a store dedicated not only to the sale of the finest teas, but also to the knowledge about this ancient ritual. The tea shop offers over a hundred tea varieties.

2. Hello, Kristof



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Hello, Kristof  specializes in magazines hard to find elsewhere in Lisbon. As you read, you can also enjoy coffee and homemade cookies.

Along with coffee and magazines, there are candles, sleeping sprays, essential oils and bath products from Earl of East London.

3. 27 Lisboa



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27 Lisboa brings together small pieces of the world into a single space. From children’s toys to furniture, ceramic pieces, glass bottles, and more. 

4. Break

Break is the place for those who enjoy a stress-free dining environment. Its aesthetic is simple and welcoming.  On the menu there are pancakes, yogurt with granola and raspberry, natural juices, and tapas.

5. Mercearia Poço dos Negros


Mercearia Poço dos Negros is a grocery store that mixes corner-shop familiarity with the atmosphere of a gourmet grocery store selling high-quality Portuguese products.  You will find sausages, cheeses from the north to south of the country and islands, and fresh cow and goat butter, as well as a much-appreciated wine collection.

6. Palavra de Viajante

Opened in 2011, this small and cozy space on Rua de São Bento, houses a specialized bookshop dedicated to travelers. There you can find the most recent versions of maps, itineraries and guides for numerous cities and countries, travel reports and novels.

7. The Mill


The Mill is another new and unique café and wine bar that serves a seasonally-inspired Portuguese menu with an added Australian vibe. The relaxed atmosphere and consistently good coffee and food make it a hit with locals.

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