A bird struck into the engine of a United Airlines Flight 1930 on Friday from Chicago. It was a routine flight just departing for Miami. Fortunately, the pilot returned safely to Chicago O’Hare International Airport after passengers were frightened by the blast the bird strike caused to the plane’s engine, as reported by Local 10′s Joseph Ojo.

How it happened:

“It was a bang, this ain’t right,” said Flight 1930 passenger Darick Rhodes.

“Big jolt, loud, crazy banging noise, up and down, went around and landed, Very crazy,” said Carly Franczak, who was another passenger that was on the same flight.

Passengers and residents recorded footage of the flashing and loud noises coming from the plane.

Infamous Bird Strike of 2009


For a long time commercial aviation has had a problem with bird strikes. Back in 2009 a U.S. Airways pilot had to land a plane on the Hudson River in New York due to a bird strike that made the aircraft lose both engines.

"Sully" Starring Tom Hanks

There was even a movie starring Tom Hanks, where he portrays the pilot who landed the aircraft on the Hudson River. In the film, the pilot flies into a flock of birds after take off and we watch Tom Hanks calmly get the crew and passengers to safety.

Passengers Perspectives

Passengers of Flight 1930 expressed they experienced 15 horrifying minutes as the pilot had to return back to O’Hare airport to land the plane.

“You’ve got to just chill, everyone’s gotta relax. Quit screaming. Let this pilot do his thing,” said Darick Rhodes.

“It was a moment I will always remember, said Rhodes, “I’m glad we landed back in Chicago.”

The pilot of the United Airlines flight 1930 managed to land the aircraft safely and none of its passengers were injured in the incident.