NYC Could Lose 10,000 Airbnb Listings In 2023
Photo Credit: Frank Winkler

Photo Credit: Frank Winkler

NYC Could Lose 10,000 Airbnb Listings In 2023

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Dec 6, 2022

It’s been a rough year for Airbnb hosts. First, the city of Atlanta has added a certification requirement, only allowing two properties per host. The city of New York estimates over 10,000 listings will be deleted from the platform with the city’s new regulations.

New Rules

Starting January 9 of the new year, Airbnb hosts must register their properties with the city’s Office of Special Enforcement. Hosts who refuse to register their home or apartment will face penalties of up to $5,000.

In order to register your Airbnb listing, there are some extremely specific requirements. If the homes aren’t up to the new codes, they will be weeded off the Airbnb platform, and hosts will no longer be able to rent them out. The executive director of the Office of Special Enforcement, Christian Klossner, expects 10,000 units to be delisted by the Spring of next year.

Previous laws have been passed where New Yorkers would not be able to rent out their complete apartments through Airbnb. They are only allowed to rent spare rooms for short-term use, which is under 30 days. Hosts must also reside in the unit while the spare rooms are rented.

Airbnb & New Yorkers Disapprove

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Under the new registration requirements, hosts must provide the full legal names of all residents in the unit and the lease to go along with it. Hosts will also have to certify their homes are in compliance with zoning and safety regulations and building codes. The Office of Special Enforcement will also create an accessible database where users can search and find the registration information for specific hosts and properties.

Also, if Airbnb doesn’t collaborate with the city on the proposed regulations, they will also face fines. Airbnb has criticized the new rules proposed by city officials, claiming it would only make it harder for hosts to list their homes. New Yorkers have also expressed their gripes, claiming the regulations will hurt many residents who rely on Airbnb to make it in the city.

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