A new sustainable hotel will open on the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic. With the growing demand for slower, more sustainable travel, this opening announcement has aligned the Caribbean as one of the go-to destinations for sustainable travel.

Summer looks to be an exciting time for travelers heading island-side to enjoy summer in an environmentally friendly way. Cayo Levantado Resort, a brand-new resort under the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts portfolio, will welcome guests on June 1, 2023. Located on the island of Cayo Levantado, the resort is just a few miles away from Samaná Bay. Completely rebranded, and extensively renovated, it will invite travelers to discover the Dominican Republic. The A Rhythm All Its Own concept is full of ways to give back to the industry and the country. 

Cayo Levantado Resort offers a distinctly Dominican, and decidedly authentic experience. The much-anticipated hotel re-opening is the flagship of Bahia Principe Hotel & Resorts, adding a new twist to luxury sustainable travel. More, the resort will also have significant cultural impact by incorporating talent from the Dominican Republic.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of this very unique nature’s enclave,” said Lluisa Salord, VP of Sales, Contracting and Distribution. “Cayo Levantado Resort is certainly an important benchmark in the Dominican Republic, a major sustainable innovation project taking shape with the help of local companies and talent in Samaná.” 

Read on for more details about the sustainable hotel opening in Dominican Republic.

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What to expect:

Courtesy: Cayo Levantado Resort

Secluded paradise resort in the Dominican Republic that is proudly sustainable? Yes, please.

Cayo Levantado Resort encompasses Dominican Republic’s perfect harmony to create a truly unique, hidden, and elevated experience. Local culture and lifestyle, sustainability and care of mind, body and soul awaits.  This brand-new, upscale five-star, all-inclusive resort, also boasts superior amenities and gastronomy. All aspects work seamlessly to elevate any vacation to be a truly meaningful personal journey.

Main pillars of the new resort:

Under the concept A Rhythm All Its Own, Cayo Levantado hopes to stand out to travelers with these three key pillars:

·       Local Culture: Local interior designers, architects, and professionals took part in the development of the area, above all by integrating their local culture in all areas, including gastronomy and mixology.

·       Sustainability: Waste management strategies and renewable energy through a biodigester will be implemented, making this a self-sufficient property. In addition, gardening, and landscaping with native species of the island will be used.

·       Wellness: Promoted in a more integrative perspective, the wellness experience will be reflected in all spaces and services.

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