Everything You Need To Pack For Waterfall Hikes In Hawai'i
Photo Credit: Courtesy Of NappyStock

Photo Credit: Courtesy Of NappyStock

Everything You Need To Pack For Waterfall Hikes In Hawai'i

Malik Peay
Malik Peay Mar 23, 2021

Whether you are gearing up to backpack through Waimea valley or climbing the rocks towards Likeke Falls, there are a few things you should know about the places you wander to while absolutely knowing the waterfall hikes on Oahu are not for the faint-hearted.

Most hikes are treacherous and take you on a multi-hour long adventure through the outback greenery of Hawaii’s naturally mesmerizing landscapes.

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While, there are hundreds of waterfalls to see on the Hawaiian islands, there are multiple must-haves that need to be packed prior to your journey into the tropical wilderness. Chasing waterfalls is a very exciting activity, sometimes so exciting that you may forget to pack the essential items that are needed to hike comfortably and wisely. There are certain travel products that you will need in order to avoid trouble or any obstacles during your hike.

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Courtesy of NappyStock

Here are a few that we suggest.

1. Mosquito Repellent

This is probably one of the handiest tools to have during your hike and will combat the pestering mosquitos that are native to the Hawaiian jungles. They will leave you with myriads of itchy week-long mosquito bites and inflammatory bumps if you do not apply the repellent before your hike.

2. Sunscreen

One of the most forgotten protectant items, sunscreen will shield you from the radiating sun that shines throughout the foliage in Hawaii’s outback. This will surely protect hikers from sunray skin damage, but this will need to be layered with mosquito repellent so that the insects aren’t attracted to the scent of the sunscreen.

3. Travel Backpack

A portable medium-sized bag will be needed for your travels, the worst thing to do is to travel empty-handed because the alternating climate in Hawaii could leave you drenched and regretful. Also, this is a great place to store a windbreaker, water, and your potentially muddy shoes if you choose to go through creeks, rivers, or any oases that are common around Hawaii.

4. Water Gallon Jug

This is the most important item to bring along with you on your trip, the humidity can make it easy for hikers to feel dehydrated since most hikes take over an hour to complete, especially if you are chasing a waterfall. Plus, the more water you bring the better it is for potentially washing your shoes or gear off afterward.

5. Hiking Shoes

Another pair of shoes that you care less about ruining is a great addition to your travels. More than likely, your shoes will be covered in mud, and you will not want to track that into your hotel stay or vehicle. Carrying another pair of hiking shoes to change out of is a convenient strategy in order to have a more comfortable hike and placing these shoes in a disposable bag after is highly recommended.

6. Snacks

Travel snacks make traveling more enjoyable especially when you have the energy to go on a longer waterfall hike. Packing your backpack with granola bars, nuts, and fruits can be a great and healthy way to replenish yourself after a difficult excursion.


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