The essence of the Black businesswoman is not a monolith. They come from all different backgrounds,  walks of life, and cities across the country. Some can be seen sporting designer business suits as the CFOs of major corporations while others are working remotely writing code for the newest technologies. Others are splitting time between taking care of their families and launching new business ventures. In whatever form they may come, Black women are handling business and they’re traveling the world. 

The traveling Black businesswoman typically travels with a toolkit when she’s heading out to snag the next deal or driving to a new city to open her next storefront. Some items are traditional essentials while others add a new level of comfort and organization. Here are five must-have items for the travel Black businesswoman.

Portable Charger 

traveling black business woman
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A portable charger is an essential item for the traveling Black businesswoman. In today’s society, cell phones and other mobile devices allow easy communication when traveling for business. From responding to emails to conducting video meetings on the go, there’s a lot of business being handled from electronic devices. 

Low battery symbols and dead cellphones can be avoided by keeping a portable charger handy at all times. They also are useful when in places that don’t have outlets readily available to plug up your phone and other devices. Things to consider when buying a portable charger vary depending on your travel needs. However, be sure to look at battery capacity, weight, charging time, and the number and type of charging ports it has.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

traveling black business woman
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Many Black millennials and Gen-Z travelers are avid music listeners. Wireless Bluetooth speakers are a must-have when it comes to traveling for business. In between meetings and tasks, a little music delight is good for the soul. Some travelers use it to play rain sounds from their phones while they sleep or as the turn-up soundtrack while getting dressed for the day. Not all accommodations have a Bluetooth speaker so it’s important to keep one with you. 

Travel-Friendly Air Purifier

traveling black business woman
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Different destinations have varying air qualities and climates that can be uncomfortable for allergen-sensitive travelers. Those who struggle with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions can grab a travel-friendly air purifier. These mini devices can be set up in your hotel room or even in your car while traveling to help remove microbes from the air that could trigger your allergies. Air purifiers add an extra layer of relaxation to travel by ensuring that the air quality is healthy and comfortable even when out of town on business. 

Hanging Travel Toiletries Holder

traveling black business woman
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Women traveling for business typically have an assortment of toiletries, tools, and cosmetics in their suitcases. Keeping everything organized may be difficult, so a hanging travel toiletries holder is a must-have for women on the go. Not only does the toiletry holder keep things organized while commuting between destinations, but it also allows travelers to easily display and access the items once they reach their hotel. There are several styles and brands of toiletry holders. However, many traveling businesswomen love the Hanging Travel Organizer in Cotton from Vera Bradley.

Noise Canceling Headphones

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Although it may be a common sense must-have, headphones are essential for most millennial and Gen-Z travelers. For business professionals, noise-canceling headphones are the best option. The noise cancellation feature makes it easy to listen to music, hear co-workers during meetings or tune into your favorite podcast without being disturbed by the moving world around you.