Cannabis paired, chef- prepared brunches and events by Mason Jar Event Group normalizes cannabis in social settings. Normalizing cannabis isn’t always about changing laws and policies through visits and letters to local council. Sometimes, normalization can be a fun and educational event. Mason Jar Event Group has been in operation, creating unique, high-end, cannabis-centric events in Colorado for over seven years. 

Kendal  Norris, owner of Mason Jar Event Group, is a master at curating cannabis paired brunch events and gatherings with grand ambiance. Perfectly plated courses by local chefs, paired with sensational strains from the best dispensaries in Denver. 


Menus, place settings and live cannabis or hemp- inspired centerpieces laced the cloth covered tables. Gentle, live music plays in the background. Friends and strangers alike join the event, all eager to learn about and consume cannabis alongside their meal. 

One of the poshest events in Denver, Mason Jar Event Group consistently gives guests an experience that tops no other cannabis- oriented event. Guests pick up the cannabis for the event from a local dispensary beforehand. Although every strain is chosen to enhance each course, it is packaged and sold separately from the event. 

Barn Sessions: Cannabis Paired, Chef Prepared Brunch By Mason Jar Event Group
mymieu, Pixabay

Barn Sessions, the name of the cannabis-centric event, involves a variety of activities. Guests meet around 11 in the morning and have light sips and eats before heading to a yoga experience led by Lauren Lewis. The flow is followed by a guided “Bean-to-Bar” chocolate tasting with Jen Caines from Moksha Chocolate.   

The cannabis paired Brunch by Mason Jar Event Group, of course, is the spotlight. Guests enjoy a woodfired meal with Andy Clark from Moxie. As each course comes to the table, the chef speaks about his creation while the first bites are savored. Along with each course, a strain will be suggested for guests to partake in. Indulge in live music by Roma Ransom, “refreshing libations by Keef Brands and some perusing in the “Mason Jar Marketplace” including booths from our event sponsors and partners, tarot readings with The Highest Healing,” and much more. Taking a luxury day retreat centered around cannabis is a dream come true. Find new friends, create a new style of brunch and fill your soul with Mason Jar Event Group’s Barn Sessions