Meet The Couple Raising The Bar In The Chocolate Industry
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Meet The Couple Raising The Bar In The Chocolate Industry

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jun 24, 2020

What started out as days in the kitchen bonding with his Jamaican grandmother as a kid, has now blossomed into a full-time chocolate business for New York native Patrick Glanville and his wife Kristin.

Patrick and Kristin, who randomly met at an event in New Jersey, are now the faces behind the Black-owned company, 3 Some Chocolates LLC.

“Out of all of my siblings, I was the only one that enjoyed being in the kitchen and learning how to make things with my grandma,” Patrick told Travel Noire. “I was always really good at art too, and I considered cooking to be a form of art.”

Photo by Everton Mark Pellington

Patrick recalls how his grandmother would add her Jamaican flare to anything that she cooked. But, the way she made her chocolates really stuck out to him. She would always add Jamaican jerk seasoning and other spices, something that he would later incorporate into his own recipes.

After bouncing from jobs here and there, Patrick eventually ended up working as a personal trainer. His then girlfriend, now wife, suggested that he open a business because they wouldn’t be able to live off of a personal training income.

With his art, marketing and management skills, plus the lessons in the kitchen with his grandmother, Patrick decided to start a chocolate company.

Courtesy of 3 Some Chocolates

“We came up with the name 3 Some Chocolates. I wanted to take three different types of chocolates and then blend them together into one bar. I wanted people to eat them and say, “I’m having a threesome with 3 Some Chocolates” every time they ate the bars.”

What’s unique about it all, is that Patrick bought a 3-D printer and created the prototype of his bar from his computer. Once he had it just right, he began working on the recipe to turn that prototype into tangible chocolate.

The couple officially went live with the business on Super Bowl Sunday 2017. They advertised it via a live stream on social media and the orders began pouring in. His main seller at that time was the jerk chocolate that his grandmother taught him to make.

Photo by Everton Mark Pellington

“I just wanted to do something different,” he said. “Making chocolate is a form of art to me, so it all came so naturally. But, my wife was the first person to really believe in me and my vision.”

Since its start, 3 Some Chocolates has gained a customer base from all across the world. The business offers more than 40 options on its website and they have even trademarked their jerk chocolate recipe.

“We traveled to the Barry Callebaut training facility in Belgium to learn more about the industry and to become certified chocolatiers.”

As business continues to grow, the couple has already begun planning ahead for the next phase. Their goal is to build their own facility and restaurant, as it is becoming harder and harder to work out of the test kitchen they rent from with the increase in orders.

Photo by Everton Mark Pellington

“We want to open a distribution and manufacturing center,” Kristin Glanville told Travel Noire. “That is how we build economic wealth and become a major player in the industry. We have to get and keep the wealth within our own communities.”

The couple started an investment campaign at the beginning of the year which gives people the opportunity to invest and become a part of their company through the distribution of shares and equity.

At the end of the day, Patrick and his wife are simply trying to fulfill his grandmother’s wishes. She always told him to leave a mark on this world and to make something of himself.

Courtesy of 3 Some Chocolates

“I just put God first and believe in what my grandma said,” Patrick said. “This is all about her.”

3 Some Chocolates currently ships worldwide and they offer an assortment of truffles, bars, and caramel dips. You can visit the website: To invest in their campaign, you can do so here. You can also find them on Instagram: @3somechocolates.

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