If you are looking for a scenic train ride in a luxury locomotive, then Rocky Mountaineer has the perfect routes for you. The privately-owned train manufacturer launched in 1990 and has always offered picturesque routes through Western Canada and the unseen Canada Rockies.

Rocky Mountaineer’s GoldLeaf Services now offers two-story rail cars that show off panoramic views of the natural terrain and landscapes that swiftly pass by a rider’s peripheral vision. The upper-levels of the locomotives are safely protected by state-of-the-art dome windows that allow you to feel fully immersed in their comfortable seating arrangements.

Now, the Rocky Mountaineer routes have been expanded to include a connecting train ride between Utah and Colorado. The newest route, Rockies To The Red Rocks, travels through the canyons and mesmerizing arches between Moab, Utah and Denver, Colorado.


The 2021 route will also pass through Mount Logan, Ruby Canyon and the Continental Divide. Interested passengers can extend their trip by ending or starting in larger metropolitan cities like Salt Lake City or Las Vegas. Although, this route is only offered with the SilverLeaf Service lines unless you choose to pay for a more premium excursion.

The Rockies to Red Rocks travel route will include an overnight stay in Colorado’s Glenwood Springs Spa & Resorts location, where you can enjoy the steamy spa pool surrounded by the magnificent mountains of Colorado near Denver.

There will be signature cocktails served at the spa, and the next day will include a two-course breakfast for guests to indulge in while the morning train passed through the Colorado River. A heftier three-course lunch will be served during the train’s route running through the Gore and Byers Canyons. You will even get to travel through the long Moffatt Tunnel that extends over 6-miles, whiling sipping on another alcoholic beverage. The final stop on day 2 is in Denver, where you can enjoy the high-altitude of the city, and its breathtaking views and clear air.

Packages start at $1,100 for the standard 1 night trip that includes the 2-day travel through Utah and Colorado. If you want to end the luxurious train route in Las Vegas, you can pay upwards of $3,600 to stay at a hotel in Sin City.

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