Easter Island, Chile: Best Local Cuisine
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Easter Island, Chile: Best Local Cuisine

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Travel Noire Jan 25, 2019

Being such an incredible place full of a lot of things to do, Easter Island has some tasty traditional food that you must try. Because the ancient inhabitants indulged in fishing, it only makes sense that the staple food in here is fish. Prepared in different ways using some of the longest ever known ingredients in Easter Island, you can sometimes fail to realize that it is fish you are eating. Although traditional food cuisine is endless, there are some typical conventional dishes that you are most likely to find all the restaurants.

Here are some of the must-have dishes if you want to explore Easter Island.


From the way it is prepared you can already tell that this dish has ancient vibes written all over it. Cooked using firewood and red hot stones, the curanto is made by first digging a small hole and setting up the fire. Next, the red hot rocks are covered with plantain leaves after which different kind of meat like fish, chicken, and beef is put on the leaves. More leaves are then added on the meat to create another layer which agricultural food like tapoica, sweet potatoes, and taro. More leaves, dirt, and stone are used to cover the top, and the intense heat cooks the food for quite some time.

Tunu Ahí

Imagine eating a fish that was alive a few minutes ago; it’s quite exciting and you have not heard the best part yet. Tunu Ahí is prepared using fresh fish cooked on a hot rock. Together with some of the local tasty ingredients, this is one type of meal you would wish to make in your home country.

The Po’e

As the name suggests, this food is quite impressive. Cooked pumpkin, flour, and plantain it is a unique kind of cake that is spongy and the taste sweeter than anything you have probably tasted. In some occasions, the po’e is served with other typical Easter Island like the curanto and even ceviche.

Tuna Ceviche

Immediately you are served this dish, and you will begin to salivate uncontrollably. The decent yet attractive way which local hotels present this delicacy is stunning. Tuna ceviche is a traditional type of ceviche cooked with tuna fish and sometimes dressed with soy sauce and coconut milk. The kind of feeling that comes with taking a bite of this particular dish will have you coming back to the Island for more.

Tuna patties (empanadas)

These are fried empanadas that are instead stuffed with tuna fish. To add flavor, other ingredients like cheese and tomato is also staffed with the tuna fish. This dish is easy to find, and it is packed with energy hence suitable for hikers. It is quite a substantial meal for its size, and you might not want to order the next one after one or two.

You can never say that you’ve truly explored a particular place without tasting its traditional food. That is why Easter Island it waiting for you with some of its best delicacies from thousands of years ago.

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