Did you know Lenny Kravitz purchased a $3 million farm in Rio de Janiero, Brazil in 2007?

The 18th century colonial plantation coffee farm, was renovated and designed by Lenny Kravitz and Brazilian designers. He also has his own design firm that was launched six years ago in New York.

The 56-year-old singer’s Instagram page shows beautiful landscapes and destinations that amaze his fans and give an inside look of what he does when he is not working on music or touring.

However, the one place that Kravitz considered his sanctuary for his mental and physical relaxation, was the luxurious farm in Rio. He even gave fans an inside look in an interview with Architectural Digest.

The house contains a transparent piano that belonged to Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, a chair designed by Andy Warhol, and a copper bathtub next to the bed in the master suite.

“This is an amazing place to exercise my creativity,” said the singer in a video posted on YouTube by Architectural Digest magazine.


In the video, Kravitz says he discovered the farm by chance during a tour in Brazil a decade ago. He explains how he fell in love with the place.

“I was travelling through Brazil and getting more and more attracted to the people, the culture, the food, the music and the land too. There’s something incredibly powerful and majestic here,” he told the magazine.

At the end of that tour, less than 24 hours before his departure to Miami, he received a call from a friend in Rio inviting him to visit the property. Following his intuition, he accepted the invitation. The singer stayed overnight and, in the morning, he woke up and was mesmerized by  “the most spectacular and breathtaking landscape you can imagine: a valley surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, horses, monkeys, cows, fruit trees and fields.”

Over time, the visits got longer and longer.

After spending six months on the property, he decided to buy the place.

“I ended up staying for six months. It was extraordinary. I just dropped out of life, learned to ride horses from the cowboys, learned about farming, and reconnected with nature,” he says. “I’d never felt more calm, peaceful, and closer to God. It was a magical time. I thought I’m done with the hustle and the bustle. I’m going to be a farmer.”

Kravitz improved the property. He built a gym, water park and, of course, a recording studio. The renovations were supervised remotely through the internet. The furniture was shipped in containers.

“Some pieces harmonized beautifully, others not so much. The process was very improvised, like making music,” said the 56-year-old musician.

As far as animals, he has cattle and horses, as well as a lagoon and a gigantic swimming pool. You can watch the full video below.