Viral TikTok food critic Keith Lee recently taste-tested his brother’s restaurant, Braised by Kevin Lee, in Hollywood, Florida.

In his regular fashion, the Tiktoker secretly scored food from the establishment while recording his first-time taste test and review. The online sensation shared with his over 16 million TikTok followers that he and his family were in Hollywood but didn’t let Kevin know about their visit. Keith also noted that a third party went to pick up the food for him so his brother wouldn’t be aware of his impending review. 

The third party’s footage highlighted that Kevin was taking customers’ orders. For $38, Keith tried plates of the short rib with mashed potatoes, duck with potatoes and gravy, and oxtails with rice. The TikToker showed the filling portions but noted that the short rib meal could’ve used more gravy. The first dish got an 8 out of 10, and the duck dish got a 7.5.

The bonus dish, the oxtails and rice, received a 9.2.

Over 14 million TikTok users have seen Keith’s video since he posted it on May 27. Some commenters were surprised to learn that the brothers are blood, with the same mother and father. Meanwhile, others noted the integrity of Keith’s review despite the good reputation of his brother’s new restaurant being on the line.

Relatedly, others thought it was commendable that Kevin hadn’t touted his connection to Keith in order to boost the promotion of his business.


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Where is Braised by Kevin Lee?

Keith explained that Braised by Kevin Lee is a pop-up restaurant in Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, Florida.

Who is Kevin Lee?

Keith’s brother is a well-known name in his own right. Kevin is a retired mixed martial arts UFC fighter. Keith noted that Kevin built his food stand himself, is the sole chef, and previously almost made it on the show MasterChef.

Business at Braised by Kevin Lee was allegedly slow before Keith’s video, so time will tell if the eatery is blessed with the TikToker’s magic touch.