It’s Women’s History Month, and what a perfect time to celebrate the entrepreneurial drive of Black women in The Bahamas. If you’re considering a visit, you certainly won’t regret it.

The Bahamas consists of a string of islands and cays surrounded by some of the bluest, clearest water. According to The Government of The Bahamas, there are “700 islands (30 of which are inhabited) and 2,400 cays.” Among the most well known islands are Eleuthera, Grand Exuma, Harbour Island and Long Island.

Of course, it’s possible to discover what The Bahamas has to offer on your own. But being guided by locals adds a layer of authenticity. Instead of pushing you towards tourist traps, they know about the little nooks which attract less traffic. They can suggest hole-in-the wall eateries, obscure nightclubs with live music, and other off the beaten path experiences.

If you would like to support local businesses run by Black women in The Bahamas, check out our list of ten.

1. Down Home Bahamas


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This business is run by Keva and Natalie Carey, who are sisters- in- law.

If you’re looking to purchase authentic, Bahamian-made products under one roof, this is the place to be.

What’s more, it features merchandise across the numerous islands and cays.




2. Sapodilla Estate

Check out the Sapodilla Estate in Nassau for an unforgettable, fine-dining adventure for your taste buds.

The reviews are glowing, not just related to the food, but the ambiance and service as well.

Take your pick of cocktails, wine and champagne to accompany your meal.

The estate can be rented for wedding parties and other special events.




3. Sixty 2 Sixty Art Gallery


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If you’re exploring downtown Nassau, soak up some art here. The gallery is owned by artist June Collie.

According to the website, Sixty 2 Sixty Art Gallery “was founded on the premise that art, artists and creative culture offer significant value in our society. Our mission is to support artists and cultural organizations to engage people of all ages and backgrounds to view and create art.”

To that end, you’ll find paintings, jewelry and crafts created by local artists, some which are available for purchase.

The gallery also offers “Sip n’ Paint” experiences. Simply book your appointment online in advance.



4. Islandz Tours

Again, there’s nothing like learning about a destination through the eyes of a local, and Islandz Tours customizes itineraries based on your interests.

This tour company was founded in 2011, and all the guides are eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with visitors.

Some of the sites you’ll see include Pirate Republic Brewing Company, John Watling Distillery, and Pompey Square Government House.

Check out the Nassau Rum and Food Tour, Sites and Tastes of Downtown Naussau Tour and the Bahamas Sites, Bites and Brews Tour, among others.


5. Esscentrix Candles

Stock up on scented candles which are great gifts for your loved ones back home. Be sure to treat yourself to one (or several).

These soy candles are designed so that you’ll remember your Bahamas adventure with a smile.

The Bahamas Vacation scent is just what you need to recall that time you sipped a sweet cocktail while wiggling your toes in the sugary sands of the beach.

And who knows? It might prompt you to schedule a second visit as soon as possible.






6. Craft Cottage Bahamas

Photo by Lorenz Narbs

This is another company that offers souvenirs, all on display in an adorable cottage in Eastern Nassau. The owners, Fina and Nadine, are ready to receive you.

The soaps, straw bags, hats and more are mostly crafted by Bahamanian artists. You might have a chance to converse with one of them.

Craft Cottage shares grounds with the Doongalik Studios and Art Gallery.

7. Eleuthera Pineapple Farm

Photo by Sumner Mahaffey

Enjoy a lovely walk through this farm, which is proudly family owned. If you can, be sure to meet “Lady Di,” who has been growing pineapples in Eleuthera since 1974.

The website says you’ll see a variety of fruits, depending on what’s in season. They include, “pineapple, banana, soursop, papaya, pomegranates and much more.”

The farm’s aim is to eventually be “a major producer of the Sugarloaf pineapple in The Bahamas.”

Some describe this kind of pineapple as having a taste like cotton candy, and it’s less  acidic than the standard pineapple.



8. On The Go Bar and Grill

Photo by Mohau Mannathoko

This business in Long Island was founded by Nicole Turnquest. It started as a convenience store and evolved into what it is today.

The Islands of The Bahamas states that “the restaurant is a central meeting spot for locals and tourists alike serving up grilled seafood, mutton and chicken.”

The Berkshire pork is considered a specialty, served with plantains and rice on the side.

9. Sunny Haven Gourmet Deli

Photo by Etornam Ahiator

Owner and chef Jaynna Ward started this business after leaving her banking career behind. She wanted to delve fully into her true passion: the culinary arts.

Sunny Haven Gourmet Deli adopts the tagline, “we cook with love- a taste of heaven on earth.”

The menu incorporates fresh, locally sourced ingredients for everything on the menu.

Try the Cracked Conch burger, which can be paired with fries or a salad.


10. The Poop Deck East Bay Street

Photo by Andre Davis

This curiously named restaurant is in Nassau.

Located on the waterfront, it offers guests a sea- to- plate experience, so you know you’re getting the freshest food available.

Enjoy lobster tail, shrimp, conch and all kinds of fish. Not a seafood fan? Grab a steak, burger or sandwich.

If you just want an appetizer, try the tropical spicy wings or the calamari.

See the full menu here.