JetBlue Passenger Almost Kicked Off Flight For Taking Eye Mask From First-Class Flyer
Photo Credit: Flashpop

Photo Credit: Flashpop

JetBlue Passenger Almost Kicked Off Flight For Taking Eye Mask From First-Class Flyer

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Jun 22, 2021

A JetBlue passenger aboard a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles was almost removed from the plane over an eye mask, according to Business Insider. A flight attendant threatened to kick Tyler Weitzman, who was flying in economy, off the plane if he did not return the eye mask, which was given to him by a passenger in first-class.

The first-class JetBlue passenger overheard Weitzman asking a flight attendant for a Snooze Kit containing an eye mask and earplugs, along with the flight crew member’s response that the kits were only for passengers flying in the airline’s first-class section, known as Mint. The passenger gave her eye mask to Weitzman.

“That was the kindest thing a stranger had done for me this year,” said Weitzman. “I don’t think I would’ve been so kind in her shoes.”

The flight attendant soon approached him and ordered him to return the eye mask, which she said was only intended for use by the airline’s first-class customers.

“You didn’t buy a Mint seat, so you can’t use the Mint products,” the flight attendant can be heard saying in a now viral TikTok video. “I don’t have 143 other masks to give everybody else on the airplane a mask. That’s not fair.”

Weitzman argued with the flight attendant for over six minutes, even offering to purchase a Snooze Kit. However, they were not for sale. He also asked to purchase a Mint seat, which by then were sold out.

Eventually, security was called and a supervisor came on board the aircraft to reiterate the company’s policy to Weitzman and let him know he would be removed from the plane if he refused to return the mask. Finally, he complied.

The flight attendant later handed Weitzman the personal eye mask of another Mint passenger who wanted him to have it. Because it was not a Mint branded item, this was allowed.

Derek Dombrowski, a representative for JetBlue, said the company is now revisiting its policy.

“The policy does not specifically mention eye masks that are provided as part of the amenity kit, and after reviewing the customer’s video and speaking to him directly, we understand the frustration he felt,” he said. “We are sorry we were not able to provide him with an eye mask as requested and that the thoughtful gesture from another customer caused him issues.”

JetBlue has since apologized to Weitzman and offered him a free first-class ticket for his return flight.

As they should!

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