Looking for a destination to spice up your sex life? Stromboli and Filicudi are two stunning islands in Sicily’s Aeolian archipelago that have become widely known as the “fertility atolls.” These islands have become sex pilgrimage sites for many tourists who claim the islands raise libidos, enticing newlywed couples and women trying to conceive to flock to the islands.

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While the Mediterranean climate and beautiful scenery would be enough to raise your sex drive, there claim to be a host of other aphrodisiacs across the islands. One of the world’s most active volcanoes is located on Stromboli. The volcano is known to erupt every 15 minutes causing the ground to rumble and a flurry of natural fireworks. As the heat from the volcano builds up beneath the ground, the roads and sidewalks become hot to touch and emanate heat throughout nearby neighborhoods. Couples have been known to hike the side of the crater and strip naked to feel the vibrations of the eruptions on their bare bodies.

Volcano Stromboli | maudanros | Getty Images

Stromboli is also home to a plant that is said to release hypnotic, libido-boosting fragrances into the night air. The “feel good” aroma apparently relaxes people and can even cause a pleasant dizziness.

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Filicudi is also home to many aphrodisiac wonders, including phallic rocks and sea stacks and designs in a cliff side said by locals to resemble gods making love and babies being born. Filicudi’s Lover’s Cave is also a frequented destination for newlyweds and couples. It is said that any couple who enters the cave as two, will leave as three, with the inevitable birth of a baby to come.  

To get to these alluring islands, you can catch one of the daily ferry or hydrofoil rides from Naples or Sicily.