You’ve probably heard someone in your life say that “women should never travel alone.” But the truth is that more and more women are opting out of the group travel concept and hitting the road (or the air) solo. Of course, there are risks. We watch the news and see the dangers women face just by leaving the house, let alone jet setting around the world solo. Women have their reasons for wanting to solo travel, though. Some don’t want to deal with the issue of friends dropping out at the last minute, and others want the experience of exploring alone.

But what about the guys? Do they have to deal with the same issues that women cope with while traveling alone? TN wanted to know if it was easier for men to travel solo versus women.

The results are in, and a majority said yes. There are more rules for women than men while traveling alone. Women have to constantly be aware of their surroundings and have to worry about the possibility of being snatched or heckled by male callers who don’t understand the word “no.”

The brothers know its true. Some male travelers responded and said they weren’t surprised by the reservations female travelers have about going alone.

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They’re right. Everything is a bit more difficult for black women in America. We are told what and what not to wear, how we have to tone our true selves down to make others feel comfortable and not to mention the fact that others love to portray our characteristics for likes and retweets. But one thing America can’t take away from us is the fact that we know how to have fun. No matter where we go, the turn up is primarily started and finished by us.

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Regardless of travelers’ sex, both men and women need to be careful when traveling alone. Always have fun but be aware of the dangers that linger.