When in Lima, a stop at Central Restaurant is fantastic if you want to eat your way through distinct ecosystems in Peru. Central Restaurant’s dedication to sustainability and inventive takes on Peruvian cuisine have earned it a spot among the world’s finest dining establishments. In 2023, after receiving numerous accolades and awards, Central Restaurant finally became the first South American establishment to be named the world’s best restaurant. 

With its 15-course tasting menu, the restaurant is a must-visit. The meal here transports diners on an eating excursion across 15 unique ecosystems in Peru. Each of these is represented by its own set of ingredients and flavors. Dishes at the restaurant highlight the rich variety of Peruvian cuisine. For example, one course might feature Amazonian fruits like camu camu or cocona, while another might showcase Andean grains like quinoa or kiwicha. The inventive cooking style and dedication to sustainable, local foods are hallmarks of the restaurant’s head chef, Virgilio Martinez.

The Dining Experience At Central Restaurant

Diners at Central Restaurant can anticipate an unforgettable experience with visually stunning and flavorful foods on the menu. Prices range from $160 to $260 for a person for the tasting menu. With an emphasis on showcasing the ingredients’ flavors and textures, each dish on the tasting menu is a feast for the senses. Moreover, every plate looks like a piece of art. The dishes’ presentation leaves diners stunned and eager to dive in. You can, of course, indulge in each course at your leisure. This will allow you to get swept away by the experience.

Central Restaurant’s commitment to sustainability is visible in all aspects of the establishment. The restaurant collaborates closely with local farmers and producers. In turn, the restaurant gets the freshest and most sustainable foods possible. Central also has a research lab where cooks test new ingredients and procedures. In addition to the tasting menu, Central Restaurant has an extensive wine list featuring wines from throughout the world. 

What’s more, the restaurant’s sommeliers boast a wealth of experience and enthusiasm for wine. They are more than pleased to assist guests in selecting the ideal glass to complement their meal. If you are a foodie searching for an unforgettable experience, you simply must dine here. Given Central Restaurant’s unique perspective on Peruvian cuisine, it is hardly surprising that it is regarded as one of the best restaurants globally. Plus, the commitment to sustainability and magnificent presentation are powerful draws, too.