We asked a simple question on Instagram, and now we have a feeling that we’re uninvited to the cookout. The question we posed was, Is saying, ‘I don’t want to travel there because everyone goes there’ elitist? Or simply a preference.


We can assure you that we didn’t choose violence and wanted to engage in a healthy discussion with our more than 650,000 followers who we love!

Here are some responses we gathered:

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"I Don't Like Touristy Spots"

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A good portion of those who responded said it’s not so much about everyone who is going, but they’re simply not here for the crowds in certain places.


"I Prefer Places Where I Can Get Recommendations"

How to plan your first vacation
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A good recommendation is more important than anything else and we feel that especially when it’s from a friend that you trust.

"I'm Not Going To Certain Countries"

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Some people admitted they’re not an elitist, but they’re tired of seeing the same ol’ places on social media.

A Lot Of People Are Not Here For Tulum

Tulum, Mexico
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Some people were definitely triggered by Tulum and not here for the destination thanks to social media.



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A Preference Of If Black People Are Going

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For some with a preference, choosing a destination is a matter of if Black people are traveling to the country and researching how Black people are being treated.


Then There's The Question of Who Is Everyone?

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Amid all the discussion, some points were made by several commenters regarding this topic and if the ‘everyone’s going there’ mentality only refers to Black people frequenting destinations?


"Elitist AF"


Others got straight to the point of how they felt, saying choosing not to go somewhere because everyone is going is indeed “elitist af.”

But Others Say It's Really Just A Preference

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Join In On The Conversation

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So what do you think?  Head over to our Instagram and give us your thoughts on this topic.


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