Disney’s EPCOT is known for its exciting World Showcase, in which guests can explore country-themed pavilions featuring exhibits, souvenir shops, and international food. There are 11 different countries represented: Canada, Japan, Norway, Mexico, China, Germany, Italy, Morocco, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Photo courtesy of @AyahAdventurer

I visited EPCOT during its Flower and Garden Festival and the food was definitely what I was looking forward to most! EPCOT’s World Showcase has everything from quick-bite kiosks and cafes to casual dining establishments and upscale, full sit-down restaurants. My game plan was to mainly have smaller meals and snacks so I could eat from as many pavilions as possible. For the most part, I stuck to this plan and was able to cover a lot of ground. I “ate around the world” at Disney’s EPCOT and these were my favorite eats. 

1. Canada - Seared Scallops with French Green Beans and Butter Potatoes

Photo courtesy of @AyahAdventurer

My first stop in the World Showcase was Northern Bloom, an outdoor kitchen located in the Canada pavilion. I ordered the seared scallops with French green beans, butter potatoes, brown butter vinaigrette, and apple-wood smoked bacon, which was $7.00.


The bacon comes standard, but since all the ingredients are added separately at the time of order, you can opt not to have it included, as I did.


I was actually surprised to get four scallops and thought it was a pretty decent serving for the price considering, you know, it’s Disney and all the prices are inflated. Everything was perfectly cooked, the scallops and potatoes were neither too firm nor soft, and the green beans had a nice slight crunch to them.

2. United Kingdom - Fish and Chips

Tracey Kusiewicz

Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the United Kingdom pavilion is said to offer the finest British fare this side of the Pond. People rave about their savory battered cod, which is served with chips and tarter sauce and costs $12.99.


I must say, it was indeed quite tasty! The golden fish and chips were served piping hot, nice and crisp on the outside, and actually filled me up more than I had anticipated.

3. Morocco - Fried Calamari and Spice Road Table Sampler

Photo courtesy of @AyahAdventurer

After filling my stomach more than I had intended to, I had to take a short break from eating. By the time I was ready to go again, it was blazing hot and I found myself in dire need of some AC. I sought a sit-down restaurant where I could enjoy my next bites in comfort.


I made it to the Morocco pavilion, where I headed to Spice Road Table. There, I ordered the fried calamari with rémoulade and harissa sauce ($12.00) and the Spice Road Table sampler ($15.00), which includes lamb kefta, spiced chicken, and tiropitakia.


If you’ve had baklava before, the triangular pastry tiropitakia is very similar, only it is savory rather than sweet. It has the same type of flaky outer layers, however, it is filled with cheeses instead.


Out of the sampler trio, the spiced chicken was the best–tender, nicely spiced, and full of flavor. The calamari was fresh and crispy, and the dipping sauce included the perfect blend of spices.

4. United States- Funnel Cake with Chocolate Sauce

Photo courtesy of @AyahAdventurer

I couldn’t pass up a summer classic from the funnel cake kiosk in the America pavilion. The stand offers different varieties and toppings depending on what time of the year you’re visiting.


Normally, I would go for both chocolate and strawberry sauce, but since the strawberry sauce used at EPCOT is known to have that bitter, artificial taste, I opted to just get the chocolate sauce ($9.50.)


I think I made the right choice because when all was said and done, not a single crumb remained!

5. Mexico - Taco Vampiro and Enchilada de Mole Negro

Photo courtesy of @AyahAdventurer

Mexico has one of my favorite cuisines, so I was not surprised to have enjoyed these two so much.


From Jardin de Fiestas in the Mexico pavilion, I had the taco vampiro: barbacoa beef in a torn tortilla with crispy grilled Monterey jack cheese, salsa ranchera, and esquites ($8.00) and the enchilada de mole negro: chipotle chicken in a corn tortilla with mole negro, avocado mousse, crema Mexicana, and queso fresco ($7.50).


The meats were juicy, the delectable flavors meshed well, and the tortilla of the taco vampiro remained surprisingly crispy despite being soaked in saucy goodness.


If you’ve been to EPCOT, share your favorite bites in the comments below!


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