The key to a relaxing trip to on the Vegas strip is to plan ahead. Trips to Vegas tend to be spontaneous, last minute travel. A day or so of planning can take your experience from 60 mph to zero (which is what we are aiming for here.)

First, choose a hotel with the amenities you wish to have right at your fingertips. Whether that’s the food you love or the pool you can’t get out of, you should have the things you want for the entirety of your vacation right in your hotel. After all, this is Las Vegas; the casino-hotels are HUGE!

Some of the amenities I need to have for a relaxing trip include a comfy bed, a spa, a great comfort food restaurant, room service, a great view, and always a pool.

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Once you’ve picked your hotel, you’re halfway there. Start looking near the hotel for things you might want to do. I usually sort by distance and keep it under .5 miles from the hotel. I can usually walk that far in about 10 minutes. There may be a ton of activities within .5 miles, so order your list according to what you’re most excited about visiting.

You can also opt to not leave the hotel. There are so many things to do in some of these hotels, there’s no reason to leave. Caesar’s Palace and The Venetian have full-on malls. New York-New York has carnival rides, and the Bellagio has fountains. All are great places to stay and not leave until it’s time to head back home.

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Book a spa appointment when you book your hotel room. It’ll help your plans go smoothly if this is etched in stone. Besides, last minute facials are never fun. They never have enough time to get the extractions when you book last minute.

When thinking about packing, simply skip the baggage claim take a carry-on only. Fill it with sweats and pajamas to encourage relaxation. If you feel like shopping for a dress for dinner, do it while you’re there. (But, plan ahead, so you know where to find one nearby.)

Upgrade to business class if it’s a short flight. You can start your relaxation from your home town. Or, plan to get to the airport early and go to your airline’s club before take-off. Anything to get your mind into relaxation and vacation mode.

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Many hotels now offer check-in through on your phone, via their app to help you start your relaxing trip on the Vegas strip off right. So, when you land, be sure to check in and get your digital key. Skip the hassle of the reservation desk and slide on over to your room.

I choose to spend the most money on my hotel room because I generally don’t want to leave once I arrive. You’ve gotten there, now it’s time to relax.

Sleep in, raid the mini bar, turn into a raisin in your in-room jacuzzi. Order room service, watch movies, have a nap. Stroll the casino floor and shops. Take a long shower. Have dinner at one of the restaurants at your hotel. Take a dip in the pool just before it closes for the night. Wake in the morning and visit the spa. Rinse and repeat until your relaxing Vegas vacation is complete.

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