As Black Friday approaches, many travelers are planning their trips to take advantage of discounts. Getting the cheapest flights, hotels, and vacation packages is a great opportunity for those eager to explore new places or revisit family and friends during the holiday season.

However, finding affordable flights during inflation can be tough. Rising fuel costs and high demand during the holiday season often lead to higher airline prices. Travelers need to be vigilant and compare prices from different airlines and travel websites to get the best deals and cheapest flights.

According to, Thanksgiving flight costs are expected to go up by about 12% compared to the previous year. Unfortunately, the same goes for Christmas and New Year’s flights. Nevertheless, there are specific days during these holidays when you can find more budget-friendly travel options.

The holiday season offers incredible discounts and opportunities for travel. Although finding affordable flights can be challenging, travelers can make the most of cost-effective options by comparing prices diligently. Lower hotel rates add to the appeal, catering to both domestic and international travelers, ensuring a memorable and economically prudent holiday season.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts for anyone planning to make the most of their holiday travel experience by booking the most affordable flights and accommodations.

Things to Do When Seeking the Cheapest Flights

Compare Prices Actively: When it comes to booking affordable holiday flights, an active approach to price comparison is key. Don’t settle for the first offer that catches your eye. Explore ticket prices across various airlines and meticulously inspect the deals available on different travel websites. Be patient and thorough in your search; sometimes, the ideal offer may be hiding just a few clicks away.

Stay Vigilant: In the world of holiday travel, vigilance is your best friend. Keep a close watch on the dynamic fare landscape, especially as the holiday season draws near. Prices can fluctuate, sometimes rapidly, so staying informed about any changes can help you secure the best deal. Set up fare alerts, follow airlines on social media, and subscribe to travel deal newsletters to stay in the know.

Identify Budget-Friendly Dates: Recognize that not all holiday dates are created equal. Certain days during the holiday season may offer more budget-friendly options. Be flexible with your travel dates and consider departing or returning on less popular days. Sometimes, flying a day earlier or later can lead to substantial savings.

Things to Avoid When Seeking the Cheapest Flights

Underestimate Economic Challenges: In today’s economic climate, it’s essential to acknowledge the challenges. Rising fuel costs and heightened demand during the holidays can lead to inflated airline prices. Be prepared for the possibility of higher fares and plan your budget accordingly.

Assume Price Consistency: Never assume that flight costs will remain static, mirroring those of the previous year. Inflation and market dynamics can significantly impact fare structures. Keep in mind that airline pricing is influenced by a multitude of factors, and these can change from one year to the next.

Overlook Lodging Savings: While the focus is often on securing affordable flights, it’s crucial not to overlook the potential savings in accommodation. Many hotels offer competitive rates during the holiday season, catering to both domestic and international travelers. By considering lodging expenses, you can make your entire holiday experience more wallet-friendly, ensuring you get the most value from your journey.