The Top 7 Luxury Hotels In Dubai For A '7-Star' Vacation
Photo Credit: franckreporter

Photo Credit: franckreporter

The Top 7 Luxury Hotels In Dubai For A '7-Star' Vacation

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Bernadette Giacomazzo
Bernadette Giacomazzo Jul 30, 2021

For whatever snark and joking may exist about traveling in the United Arab Emirates, the hotels in Dubai are so notoriously luxurious that many promise what’s known as a “7-Star” experience. One of the hotels on this list, in fact, has actually earned those coveted seven stars, meaning it’s the top of all the top hotels.

With travel restrictions slowly but surely being eased, Dubai continues to look like an attractive option for cabin fever-suffering travelers. And if you’ve got your coins saved, these seven luxury hotels in Dubai will provide you with a true 7-star experience.

The Fairmont Dubai Hotel

Located right in the heart of the Palm Jumeirah, overlooking the beach, The Fairmont is one of the few hotels in Dubai that’s perfect for foodies. With 13 different restaurants on-site to choose from, The Fairmont offers almost 400 guest rooms replete with Arabian luxury and culture.

Starts at $298/night for basic accommodations.

The Bulgari Resort and Residences

Renowned Milanese architectural firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel created this masterpiece of a resort, located on an island just off the UAE coast. The Bulgari Resort and Residences is reminiscent of an Italian villa, making it one of the most cleverly themed hotels in Dubai.

Starts at $562/night for basic accommodations.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Traveling with kids? The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is right for you. It advertises itself as the only kid-friendly luxury hotel in Dubai, but you’re not going to sacrifice luxury for family fun in this place. Kids stay and dine for free here, so if you’re looking to show your kids the finer things in life, now’s the time.

Starts at $245/night for basic accommodations.

Taj Hotels in Dubai

The Taj is the only hotel with a uniquely Indian flair, and it’s also the least expensive hotel on this list. But don’t be fooled: it doesn’t skimp on luxury, even if it’s more affordable than most other hotels in Dubai.

Starts at $98/night for basic accommodations.

The Oberoi

With spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa, The Oberoi‘s sleek, professional look is perfect for the no-frills traveler who is looking for a luxurious experience. It also offers discounts for long-term stays.

Starts at $137/night for basic accommodations.

The Emerald Palace

This hotel is, in a word, stunning. It was recently handed over by the Kempinski Hotel group, and it has yet to reopen. But when it does, we guarantee that it will be better than ever before.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

If you’re looking for the mythical “7-star” experience, the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is here for you. As one of the few hotels in Dubai to earn a 7-star rating, the Burj is, literally, a slice of paradise.

It’s about the closest thing to the Garden of Eden that we’ll find in our lifetime, and if you can’t find it at the hotel, it’s because it doesn’t exist. (The hotel has a private helipad landing, in case you need an idea of the opulence levels.) With everything from a water park to a butler-serviced infinity pool, good luck ever wanting to leave the Burj once you arrive.

Starts at $712/night for basic accommodations.

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