South America remains a favorite amongst Black travelers because of the sheer abundance of options and the unending list of ways to have fun.

Whether you’re interested in literally keeping your head in the clouds while climbing the Andes or canoeing through the Amazon or perhaps enjoying the steel pans and rainforest sounds of Guayana, there is always something to discover. This isn’t even to speak of South America’s cultural diversity that makes the continent so vibrant.

Up and down the continent, there are wonders to be found and memories to be had in the music-filled plazas or in the corners of the Incan-built temples. Here are a few Black travelers sharing the beauty of the musical continent with us.

1. Colombia

Colombia is a long-time cherished destination for Black travelers possibly for the access to jungle, bustling cities and mountains all in the same country and of course we have to mention the rich coffee and world-famous arepas.

Cartagena in particular is enjoyed for its colorful vibe and dense community of African descendants. Traveler Veronica lets us in on the true romance of Colombia’s treasured Cartagena.

2. Guyana

Guyana is certainly a country with a lot of heart and a lot of rainforest to match. As one of the most densely forested areas of the world, the appeal of being surrounded by nature is hugely attractive for some Black travelers.

With a population of African descent, mixed heritage and East Indian Guyanese, Black travelers can enjoy a comfortable stay in a hugely diverse country. Local explorer Zena shows of the beauty of her country.

3. Paraguay


Sensational though it be, Paraguay remains largely under-explored. The country is perfect for explorers looking to wander beyond the well-known South American countries and their national jewels.

Paraguay has a lot of surprises waiting for you; the subtropical Atlantic Forest of the east contrasts the dry wilderness of the Chaco in the west of the country. Everything in between the east and west of this magical country in the center of the continent is spilling with energy and character. YouTuber Jamerican Traveler takes us through his discoveries.

4. Ecuador


Ecuador and its famous Galápagos Islands or historic centers of Quito and Cuenca are internationally admired.

Black travelers with a particular love for the history and journeys of the African Diaspora will appreciate the country for the opportunity to commune and share space and time with the Afro-Ecuadorian towns.

Expat and traveler The Jazzy Nation shares her recent move to the country and makes us want to do so too, promptly.

5. Brazil

Whether it’s the music that seems to run through Brazilian blood, the beaches that never fail, the people who are the friendliest in the world or simply Bahía – there is a reason why Brazil is a must-see destination.

Occupying most of the land in South America, it is easy to see how it comes across as a world of its own. Rippling through the hearts and travel lists of Black travelers, Brazil is one of those destinations that demands your attention (and your sense of humor).

Traveler viajareomotivo shows us how to properly do Brazil.

6. Argentina

Argentina is undoubtedly one of South America’s most formidable locations. A country famed for its tango, fútbol and its beloved beverage mate, it is truly not be overlooked.

Avid explorer of South and Central America, YouTuber Ace Live explores life in Argentina and all the excitement it has to offer.

7. Peru

Peru is an unmatched destination in South America with a huge global reputation it more than lives up to. Visitors flock to the Incan citadel of Machu Picchu, which is intricately wonderful on its own but only a fraction of the country’s Pre-Hispanic display of sacred history.

If you’re searching for a destination with lush green jungle or sombre high mountains, Peru has you covered. An additional bonus, Peru’s culinary scene is often likened to Mexico’s, which we already know is the best of the best. Explorer ausur.seker shows us the glory of Peru’s tranquil mountainous side.