The summer of travel hell isn’t through with us yet.

By now, you’ve heard stories of all manner of airport drama. Lost and delayed luggage. Canceled flights. Staff shortages. Long lines at customs and security. That last one is a common headache these days, and the CEO at Heathrow Airport believes he knows the true culprit.

Makeup. Excessive amounts of makeup.

According to Euro News John Holland-Kaye claims, “horror delays at Heathrow are partly caused by passengers taking too much makeup and feigning mobility issues.”

While on the Leading Britain’s radio station, Holland-Kaye said passengers “have got more bags, and more liquids in their bags so that takes a little bit longer. A lot of people are put off from checking their makeup because they are worried about whether their bag will make the journey with them.”

Holland-Kaye also took aim at a particularly offensive Tik Tok travel hack. It encourages able-bodied passengers to fake disability in order to get fast track treatment in the lines. There’s been an increase in the demand for mobility assistance at the airport, and not all of those requesting the service actually need it.

“People are using the wheelchair support to try to get fast-tracked through the airport,” he said. “That is absolutely the wrong thing to be doing, we need to protect that for the people who most need help.”

Heathrow and Gatwick have both had their share of challenges involving disabled passengers.

Euro News reports that in June, “a man fell to his death at Gatwick after being left waiting for a helper and disembarking a plane alone.” On another occasion at Heathrow, “20 wheelchair passengers were allegedly left waiting in a non-air conditioned part of the terminal.